Voices of the Catholic Marketing Network author Amanda Lauer A World Such as Heaven Intended

I spoke to author Amanda Lauer 2017 Catholic Marketing Network Author of A World Such as Heaven Intended Her author page is here You can buy her latest book here The Rest of my Catholic Marketing Network posts are here.


by baldilocks As a few people may have noticed, I've been going back over posts from my old blog, which I started in 2003. One of the things which has hindered me in deciding what to write about is that, often, I feel like I'm repeating myself. But a long-time fan turned that notion around … Continue reading Yardsticks

Building Tough Sailors

While the Fat Leonard scandal continues to rock the US Navy, and collisions put two US Navy destroyers out of the fight, the CNO asked his leaders to stand down their organizations for a day in what he called an operational pause. His basic message was that we're taking casualties in "routine" operations that we're … Continue reading Building Tough Sailors

Buntgate? Hey Sabathia can’t field a bunt? Tell it to Jim Abbott

You're not paid to play, you're paid to win Bill Russell to Charlie Rose 2001 I was going to put up the first of two posts on DACA when I saw this and my jaw dropped. CC Sabathia took issue with what he called a "weak" Red Sox attempt to bunt on him in the first … Continue reading Buntgate? Hey Sabathia can’t field a bunt? Tell it to Jim Abbott