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Mary Cooper: When your mom gets back, I’m gonna need to apologize for the way I spoke to her.
Penny: Well, come on, she did kinda start it.
Mary Cooper: Doesn’t matter. A good Christian would have turned the other cheek. On the other hand, a good Texan would have shot her, so I’ll just split the difference.

The Big Bang Theory: The Maternal Combustion 2015

On Saturday my reading of this Daily Caller piece concerning Stacy McCain’s visit this week to New England and his appearance at Tang Dynasty this coming Saturday. Two different instincts took hold beside me.

The first was gratitude for the publicity of a nationally known site writing about it. It increases the exposure of the event and the potential for ticket sales (buy yours here) Not only is this critical for me as the person financing this event and on the hook if it fails to break even, but the success or failure of this event will be the determining factor if this is one off event featuring a friend of mine at a restaurant I like or the first of a series bringing conservative reporters and authors to the area to both educate and entertain outnumbered conservatives and moderate in a deep blue state.

The second was my Sicilian instinct that kicks in when someone disses a friend of mine like this:

The Mirror also sought comment from Washington journalists who are familiar with his work.

“I think the guy is bad news,” said a Washington journalist. “Seems like a parody of the racist, sexist Neanderthal that the opponents want to portray all Republicans as being.”

“He’s gross,” said a female Washington writer when asked for comment. “You can disagree with feminism without being derisive about women.”

It would seem these comments made without attribution came from simply looking at a press release and further calumny Stacy did a fine job of answering them himself:

Whether some anonymous writer thinks of me as a Neanderthal is of no consequence, but I fully agree with your second source: Disagreeing with feminism doesn’t mean being “derisive about women,” and I am not.

This is a point I made myself in reply to one of your email questions. You asked how I viewed women “generally,” and in my answer I said, “There obviously is no correct answer to such a question, because no one views women ‘generally.’ Rather, every intelligent person views people as individuals, and we tend to be offended by generalizations about groups.” Elsewhere in my reply, I remarked on the unfortunate tendency to think that any man who criticizes feminism is somehow “anti-woman.” This is some like saying a critic of Marxism is “anti-worker,” and is self-evidently false. Radical ideologues who insist that all opponents of their identity-politics movement are motivated by bad faith (mala fides) are engaged in a dishonest rhetorical game, and become offended when their tactics are exposed. During the Cold War, Communists always engaged in character assassination against their enemies, because Communism was (and still is) indefensible on its merits.

The Author Ms. Betsy Rothstein, who was the subject of an odd but interesting profile at the New Republic here, also suggested some nefarious attitudes to Mr. McCain that I occasionally see online.  Stacy answered these too:

Elsewhere in your article, you seem interested in reviving the ancient fable that I am some kind of “white supremacist,” which falls into the category of fake news, as President Trump might say. As I told the pathetic bungler Max Blumenthal a dozen years ago, I’m too lazy to be evil. You might also want to consult my November 2009 blog post, “How to Reply to the Southern Poverty Law Center (If You Must).”

She didn’t seem to bother with the method I used to find out about this stuff when Charles Johnson was spewing it way back in 2009 namely actually talking to him and asking direct questions.  As I said waxed poetically years ago

Stacy hath Supported Israel in Gaza,
Vs Hamas and with humor did he defend Israel.
Did this in Stacy seem a Supremacist?
He hath associated with Steven Green, and Moe Lane, hath prayed with Baldilocks and befriended Lesbians and Gays.
Racism should be made of sterner stuff.

furthermore I didn’t care for this remark

This obviously trashy mansigning is sure to create waves with the ladies.

which draws a conclusion without evidence, nor the tone when listing the price of the event which has to cover:

1. A guaranteed number of book sales
2. A guaranteed number of buffet attendees
3. The cost of Stacy’s Round Trip flight

And while I am very grateful for the manpower and promotion from the good folks of the Worcester Tea Party at Granite Grok as I said earlier, if this event fails those costs not covered by ticket sales will be on me.

Finally she could have always asked me, as the person putting on this event about this stuff and provided her with enough links on Stacy Twitter suspension to show who the villain was (hint it’s not Stacy McCain).

So now having vented satisfying my Sicilian side let me allow my Christian instinct to offer thanks one more time to Ms. Rothstein as she was kind enough to give me a timely topic for my Monday Lead post.

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