Fr Frank Pavone of Priests for Life at the 2017 Catholic Marketing Network

I speak to Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life at the Catholic Marketing Network His latest book is here Priest's for life web site is here. The Rest of my Catholic Marketing Network posts are here.

About the Weather, Man

by baldilocks Consider this excerpt a preamble to a question. There's no question that Irma was and continues to be destructive. But there's also no question that it was not nearly the storm it was predicted by all the experts to be. Last week, there was talk of massive destruction across [Florida], with damage estimates … Continue reading About the Weather, Man

Religion: Alive and Well in Asia

During my recent trips in Asia, I was struck by how many Catholic churches and seminaries existed in places like Yangon, Myanmar, and Da Nang, Vietnam. In Hong Kong, I happened upon a standing-room-only church service, and in Guangzhou, China, the Sacred Heart Cathedral has become a tourist stop for many Chinese. After the 1949 … Continue reading Religion: Alive and Well in Asia