First Fall Friday Free-for-all

Happy First Day of Fall, y'all! The Autumnal Equinox happened at 4:02 pm EST today. We can now look forward to shorter days and longer nights, and Halloween candy that is already on sale on store shelves everywhere. Where I live, we also get to look forward to apple festivals, pumpkin picking, and vibrant colors … Continue reading First Fall Friday Free-for-all

Puerto Rico: They call the wind Maria

Maria blows the stars around Sets the clouds a-flyin' Maria makes The mountains sound like folks was out there dyin' Maria (Maria) Maria (Maria) They call The wind Maria The scenes from Puerto Rico are horrific: Ruin, destruction, flooding, and no electricity, cell signals or clean water for three and a half million Americans. More … Continue reading Puerto Rico: They call the wind Maria

Nolan Ryan and The Conventional Wisdom of Experts.

Yesterday I wrote about Nolan Ryan greatness in reference to Chris Sale's 300 Strikeout season. Today it hit me that Ryan is a great example of the follies of convention wisdom. The subject deserves a little more elaboration. Of all the outs a pitcher can produce a strikeout is the most valuable, in my opinion … Continue reading Nolan Ryan and The Conventional Wisdom of Experts.

Couldn’t Be Done

Given the omnipresent heaviness of current news around the world, with natural disasters and threatened man made ones on all sides, thought it best to take a moment and breathe. The NFL seems hellbent on self-destruction, what wth continued permitted player protests during the National Anthem plus a deadly inability to address CTE. You’d think … Continue reading Couldn’t Be Done