A Message to Nina Turner from my co-worker from Congo: “America Good”

I don’t usually watch the sunday shows anymore but with the Trump NFL business I was interested in what would be said and on Jake Tapper’s state of the Union and on the panel Jake Tapper’s first commentator Nina Turner had this to say about America

 I mean, really, he should use his energy to fight for our sisters and brothers in Puerto Rico who have no power or the states in Florida where the citizens still need help and other areas where the hurricanes hit.

It is utterly ridiculous for him to pick up this fight. Is he talking about our heritage, as in the heritage of this country that enslaved black folks or took lands from native Americans or the heritage that still has systemic racism in this country? Which heritage is he talking about?

And to pick a fight with NFL players? I mean, this flag and this country is just as much about Patrick Henry saying, give me liberty or give me death. As it is about Fannie Lou Hamer saying, I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.

These players have every right to express themselves and to challenge the system and in the same spirit of Muhammad Ali or even when James Baldwin said that, I love this country more than any other country, and that is why I reserve my — you know, the right to critique this country. That is what those NFL players are doing. They’re upholding their first amendment right and they are pushing this country to recognize its bigotry, its oppression, and its racism.

And that is very much American.

Check out the video (she starts at 28:35) and watch how the contempt for this country she has come out in a very vivid way.

I found her tirade very interesting about how horrible and oppressive America has been but what was much more interesting was comparing it to a conversation I had the previous Thursday at work before President Trump had said a word.

I was working in a section of the warehouse where I would only occasionally run into someone else.  There was a rather friendly fellow from Africa whose English was iffy who I bumped into.  During on and off conversation I found out he was from the Congo and had been here 3 years. I asked him the question I always ask of any immigrant I meet:  Why America?  In the two clearest words of English I would hear in our on again off again conversation he said with a huge smile:

“America Good”

In broken and halting phrases he talked about being able to work and feed himself and clothe his family.  He spoke the violence in Congo and how so many others had died (actually he said “Congo and made a movement of his hands and a machine gun noise” ) he thanked God that he was here and free to do these things in safety.

Now this man is working in a warehouse and make’s an hourly wage 300 times less than the lowest paid athlete who took a knee on Sunday.  I suspect he makes a lot less than Nina Turner as well.

How is it then that he, a hard working poor man in a job that I suspect those athletes would think beneath them, can see America for what it and what it means is and they can’t?

Closing thought: Funny how so many of those who scream about the evils of oppressive America are always insisting on open boarders. If America was as evil as they say you’d think they’d want keep them away from such a horrible place.

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