5 Quick Post Las Vegas Thoughts

You’ll forgive me if I delay my Red Summit interview post for these five points concerning the Las Vegas Shooting.

  1. I’d really like to say that I’m surprised about the CBS Exec or the folks on twitter etc but I’m not. After Boston I’m very much convinced that there are plenty of our friends on the left who would be delighted to kill us if they could get away with it.

  2. It never ceases to amaze me that as soon as something like this happens the first instinct of the left is to try and disarm the next batch of potential victims. This is the “never let a crisis go to waste” mentality but I also think it has something to do with #1 above.

  3. I was listening to Rush when ESPN announced, post Vegas shooting that they were suddenly going to show the National Anthem before the Monday night game between the Chiefs and the Redskins. I’m sure the NFL and ESPN both figured that given the massacre and the heroic efforts of both law enforcement and ex military at the scene it was unthinkable that any player would be protesting the flag that night. They were wrong big time which bodes very poorly for this coming weekend for the public perception of NFL players and teams.

  4. We still have no clear idea what this guy’s motive was, all we seem to know is he was a rich gambler. My gut tell me that ISIS claim is full of it (which is a good sign in the sense that when you’re reduced making such claims it illustrates your importance). Given his wealth and lifestyle it hits me that the most frightening possibility is that he did this thing simply because he could, but when it comes right down to it, while finding such a motive might be cathartic to the public and eliminating any possibility of a conspiracy is important legally, none of it will make a difference for those killed or wounded.

  5. I watched the President’s speech on the attack as it happened. It was an apolitical message for an apolitical moment, put simply exactly what was called for. However CNN’s acknowledgement of this fact outraged the Washington Post for whom neither rain, nor snow nor the mass murder of Americans will shake it from it’s duty of making war on Donald Trump over all else. And the media wonders why people can’t stand them.