Massachusetts Liberal Morality: Sreynuon Lunn Good Dave Ratner Bad

Earlier this week we heard the story of a Massachusetts Businessman who while employing 150 people in the state and apparently delivering good products and services to his customers made a critical mistake.

He did something that appeared to make President Trump look good.

According to Dave, he didn’t even know what else was in the order, nor was he a fan of the President. But this looked like a good deal for small businesses so he jumped at the chance.

Now that the picture has surfaced and been passed around on social media, he’s getting menacing phone calls and facing threats of boycotts from pet owners, soda drinkers and pretty much everyone who hates Donald Trump. The local paper interviewed folks at the dog park in Northhampton and pretty much all of them were in the loop and ready to hang Dave out to dry.

Welcome to social activism on the Left in 2017. A guy who provides 150 local jobs and serves a popular (if eclectic) consumer niche was trying to find a way to get more affordable group health insurance for his workers. When that goal was achieved he accepted an invitation he’d never asked for to go to the White House and celebrate that achievement. And now the liberal hordes on social media are trying to shut him down. Over a photgraph. Great job, guys.

So for the crime of appearing in a picture of with President Trump in the oval office good Massachusetts liberals have decided that Dave  Ratner is beyond the pale.

Dave now wishes he had never gone to the White house, and I’m sure the Massachusetts left agrees.  If only he had been someone who could have made trouble for the President perhaps someone like Sreynuon Lunn:

Surely you remember this career criminal from Cambodia. The Supreme Judicial Court ruled three months ago that law enforcement had no right to arrest or detain Lunn or anyone else “at the request of Federal immigration authorities, pursuant to a civil immigration order.”

Lunn had already been cut loose because of a different insane U.S. Supreme Court decision shielding violent illegal immigrants from deportation. But the SJC ruling re: Lunn, moot as it was, was hailed as basically making Massachusetts a “sanctuary state” for foreign criminals.

Attorney General Maura Healey hailed the SJC for its “smart” decision….

I had heard about this Cambodian Lunn months before the SJC decision. I got a call from a judge I know who had just come back from a judicial conference. He was appalled that all the tax-fattened hacks had been bragging that they had “found” a case that was going to allow them to shield criminal illegal aliens from deportation.

They were ecstatic, the judge told me, at the prospect of somehow sticking it to Trump.

See Dave that’s how you do it, you help the AG and the Massachusetts Left foil Donald Trump and even if you commit a crime the Attorney General will be hailing your release.  Even if it means you do something like this once you’re out…

An alleged drug addict — who was the face of a blockbuster high-court case that bars Bay State law enforcement from holding illegal immigrants for the feds — has been arrested for a brazen broad-daylight robbery and attack on an elderly woman in a wheelchair, police say.

Sreynuon Lunn, who was born to Cambodian parents in a refugee camp in Thailand, was arrested Tuesday after police say he and a friend, identified as Tiffany Bovio, wheeled an older woman away from a Bank of America near Charles River Plaza, hit her in the head and took $2,000 from her…

…Security camera footage shows Lunn and Bovio pushing the victim in a wheelchair from the direction of the Bank of America to where the woman was robbed, according to the report. Four minutes later, they were seen walking away from the robbery area together, police say.

…you still won’t face the vengeful wrath of any self righteous Massachusetts Liberal.  What’s one handicapped woman being robbed (or decades of women being abused in Hollywood) next to the chance for the left to score a political point, particularly against Trump.

I really miss the state I grew up in sometimes.

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