Wait … What?

by baldilocks


In case you missed it, feminists have turned to the sad ritual of “marrying” themselves after they pursue careers, sleep around, and end up alone past the natural years of childbearing. But it turns out, they can’t even stay committed to themselves.

One such feminist named Sophie went through with the whole wedding spectacle: the white bridal dress, bridesmaids, the flowers, you name it. But soon she grew tired of herself and found herself in the sack with a polyamorist (someone who has multiple partners) named Ruari.

The two had a momentary, yet monogamous affair, claims Sophie.

In another twist, polyamorist Ruari ended up ditching Sophie for … himself! That’s right, he ended up saying “I do” to himself in an equally pathetic marry-yourself type wedding.

But Sophie, clearly an empowered woman, claims this was all part of the plan postnuptial, telling ITV’s This Morning that “self-marriage isn’t about never being with anyone else, however – it’s about ‘self-love’.”

In a world where being conservative while not being white male is self-hatred, and where a vice president being cautious around women when are not his wife or relative is hatred of women, and where Christianity equals hatred-hatred, it’s logical that self-love is something to be sought. We were warned.

There will be terrible times in the last days.  People will be lovers of themselves

After these “infidelities,” it would be so much fun to see these ‘tards present themselves in Divorce Court. Some lawyer will, no doubt, take their money.

Hey, I think I just had a new TV show idea! Feel free to steal it.

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