Report from Louisiana: SNOW!

By:  Pat Austin SHREVEPORT – Louisiana is expecting snow this week.  Say what? I know people in the north must laugh at us.  The inevitable “bread and milk” memes showing empty grocery store shelves come to mind.   I went to the grocery store yesterday out of necessity rather than any snow-minded panic, and the cashier … Continue reading Report from Louisiana: SNOW!

Bad governments create shithole countries

The internet exploded into a veritable excrement storm when Senator Dick Durbin accused President Trump of referring to some countries as shitholes.  It is still not clear if President Trump actually uttered that phrase, but the storm that ensued was rather intense, with members of the liberal media and liberals on social media immediately decrying … Continue reading Bad governments create shithole countries

Booker’s Senatorial Tears

I'm old enough to remember when John Boehner was the only man crying on Capitol Hill. Boehner cried when he got the House gavel. He cried with the Pope. He cried with kids. He even cried with Arnold Palmer, fer cryin' out loud. I was glad he retired. Now the tears are in the Senate. … Continue reading Booker’s Senatorial Tears

The Twitter/Facebook/PC/Alexa/ETC Facts of Life Explained Once More.

Way back in the 1990's my friend at work Brian introduced me to a game called Colonization still one of the best games ever to come out from the magnificent mind of Sid Meier (and a game that still holds up will 20 years later although an updated version with 3D graphics and multiplayer mode … Continue reading The Twitter/Facebook/PC/Alexa/ETC Facts of Life Explained Once More.