News Flash: California Shakes Often

by baldilocks

How transplants to California react to 4.4 earthquakes:

Most days, it’s easy to forget that coastal California sits at the boundary of two tectonic plates—the Pacific and North American—which are slowly sliding by each other, creating the San Andreas complex of faults. It’s easy to forget that one strand, the Hayward Fault, runs the whole length of the East Bay, cutting under Berkeley and Oakland, just a mile from my house, and that there is a one-in-three chance that it will produce a devastating earthquake before I’m a senior citizen.

But then there are days like January 4, when a magnitude 4.4 quake struck. It hit in the evening, a couple hours after my wife and I had put the kids to bed. It was strong enough to make us wonder, for a few seconds, if this was the big one.

After it passed, we resolved to get another flashlight. My wife ordered MREs from a prepper site. A few days later, she sent me a map from the U.S. Geological Survey showing the epicenter of the earthquake. It was two blocks from our house. I rode my bike over to the location. By the looks of it, the quake had struck on the backside of Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, the place where our kids had been born, and a place that we walk by nearly every day.

Drama much? Any medical center in CA is ready to rock.

And here’s what real Californians do in such situations.

  • Note that there is an earthquake.
  • Wait for it to get stronger.
  • Wait for stuff to fall off shelves and the like.

If the last two don’t happen and the quake subsides, we go back to whatever it was we were doing before the shaking started. That was my response when a similar quake happened years ago here in LA at about four in the morning. I had been sleeping before it happened.

Interesting sciency stuff in the link, however.

The real and more devastating destruction that’s being visited upon California? Democrats.

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