DaTechGuy at CPAC 2018 The Calm Before the Storm and What I’ll be Asking

Thanks to the support of readers who were ready to shore me up when my job was gone in December and the sudden reversal of my fortunes that took place a week later, combined with a fortunate big at Priceline I find myself typing this from the Gaylord National Harbor Tuesday Night before the start of CPAC after a day long drive through 7 states,

As always CPAC on the day before things begin the area seems empty, no crowds of people, nothing but tables on radio row and only the odd sign or banner to suggest that for the next few days the language of conservatism will be spoken here.

Yet that is deceptive, even as folks like me trickle in early and the larger groups prepare to join us in the next few days the crews at CPAC remain hard at work getting things ready late into the night, without fanfare, without recognition and seemingly without end or sleep, preparing registrations, setting up displays, testing equipment and providing the security to stop those who come here with hopes of disrupting this conference in their tracks.

For myself the question is what’s my CPAC game plan, well funny you should ask as I recorded a video answering that Question:

So by the end of CPAC I hope to know

Does the CPAC crowd give Donald Trump YR 1 Thumbs up or thumbs down?
What does the CPAC crowd think is the #1 Trump achievement?
What does the CPAC crowd think is the #1 Trump failure?
What does the CPAC crowd think GOP needs to do to win in 2018?
What does the CPAC crowd think Donald Trump can do, if anything to help them along?
and finally
Would you accept a compromise that legalizes the Dreamers if it builds the wall?

With an energized and angry left how these GOP activist respond to these questions will be an important clue on if my contention that the GOP will retain the house in 2018 is solid or flawed and if I do my job well so will you.

DaTechGuy at CPAC 2018 The story so far

Wed Feb. 21st
DaTechGuy at CPAC 2018 The Calm Before the Storm and What I’ll be Asking

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