8 Ideas For Keeping Yourself Challenged

Life will quickly become a bore if you sit around waiting for positive happenings to come to you. Your days will be a lot more interesting and fun when you’re challenging yourself and engaging in various activities. However, you have to initiate the events and be willing to have new experiences.

The hard part is thinking of what you could be doing differently and how to go about testing yourself on a regular basis. The good news is there are a lot of ways to do so, and you’ll soon experience for yourself all the benefits of putting yourself out there and living fully.

Learn A New Skill or Hobby

When you’re feeling bored is a good time to take up a hobby or learn a new skill. Challenge yourself by attending a jewelry making class, learning a new language or teaching yourself how to build furniture. It doesn’t matter what the activity is as long as it’s interesting to you and gets you outside your comfort zone. There’s a class out there for just about any hobby you want to start doing, so don’t feel like you’re limited in any way. Search until you find a good fit for you.

Travel & Participate in Local Activities

Challenge yourself by traveling to different destinations and seeing places you’ve never been before. Pick locations that have fun local activities you can participate in like the Indianapolis Escape Room. Here you’ll have to work your way through tough puzzles to escape the adventure of your choice. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced, and you’ll likely have such a good time you’ll want to do it again. Not only travel but make sure to engage in the local culture, foods, and activities to truly get the most out of your trips.

Take on A Project or Leadership Role at Work

One place where it’s easy to find a new challenge (if you want one!) is in the workplace. Raise your hand the next time your boss is asking for volunteers to spearhead a project or take on a leadership role. Don’t let your negative self-talk keep you from being recognized any longer. Step up and show the company what you have to offer. It’s not only good for your morale and building confidence, but you may get noticed for your hard work and your boss may choose you for the next promotion.

Do lots of Reading

One activity that has the ability always to challenge you is reading. That is if you pick publications outside of your normal routine! Read books, blogs and newspapers that make you think and break through your assumptions and judgments. If you ever want to explore new topics or get your brain going on another level then start reading. It can also be a relaxing activity when you need to unwind or reduce your stress after a long day. Make a cup of tea and sit back in a comfortable chair and find an article that gets your mind working.

Cook Your Own Meals

Cooking is not only a healthy way to eat, but it also is a challenging activity that will keep you on your toes. Cook your own meals to keep yourself engaged in life each day. Pack your own lunch and take the time to research difficult recipes for dinner that requires you to think about what you’re doing. Instead of being scared off by a tricky recipe, take your time and work your way through it with patience. When cooking for yourself you have control over portion size, calories, and the ingredients, so you’ll also be doing your mind and body a favor as you work toward challenging yourself more.

Face your Fears

A lot of what you fear is in your head, so don’t be afraid to explore those feelings further. Figure out what your fears are and then challenge yourself to face them one by one. Write each one down and make notes about how you can go about tackling them. For example, if you fear speaking in front of groups of people then volunteer to talk at a conference for work. Doing so will force you to have to prepare and work through your fear of public speaking healthily. After you’re done, you can see for yourself the benefits of taking on a challenge and that you start to gain more confidence in your abilities.

Meet People outside your Circle

Another way to challenge yourself is to meet people outside your regular friend’s group. The act of going up to a stranger and starting a conversation is scary but satisfying. Go to events alone or take a class to put yourself out there and begin interacting with others you wouldn’t typically talk to. It’s good to have a wide variety of friends and acquaintances, so you’re not always partaking in similar activities and surrounded by the same opinions. You’ll be engaging in new conversations and learning about people who are different from you which will be refreshing.

Get Physical Exercise Daily

Physical activity is a great way to challenge yourself by seeing if you can stick to working out each day, and what will help you is getting into a routine where you exercise at the same time each day. Keep it fresh by mixing up the activities and surprising your muscles daily. There is an endless number of workouts you can do so this challenge will never get old. It’s also very healthy for you to get daily exercise and the benefits of physical activity will be well worth your efforts. You’ll be in a better mood, burn calories and love the way you look after only a short time.


There’s no reason to ever be bored again after seeing for yourself how many different ways there are to challenge yourself. Have fun giving each of them a try and notice how much more alive and engaged in life you feel. These are just a few thoughts so continue to rack your brain and find other ways of putting yourself to the test that will deliver the same results.