No Godless Chaplains in the Navy … Yet

by baldilocks Usually, I forego linking to the Washington Times; not for an ideological reason, but a practical one. The site is a nightmare of pop-up ads. But for this story, I couldn’t resist. The [U.S.] Navy has rejected the application of one Jason Heap, a doctor of theological history, he having obtained such a degree at … Continue reading No Godless Chaplains in the Navy … Yet

Voices of CPAC 2018 Pastor Greg Young

I spoke to Pastor Greg Young at CPAC 2018 My Camera battery died during the interview but I was also recording audio so to make sure you got his answer so I'm embedding the full audio which I recorded seperately This is a catch up post I had initially put this soundtrack at the end … Continue reading Voices of CPAC 2018 Pastor Greg Young

The CIA’s Long List of Failures

The CIA has such a lousy record that the country might be better without it. Let me run through just a few of the examples I know about from years of reporting in the Middle East and the former Soviet Union. My all-time favorite happened in Lebanon. The pro-Iranian group Hezbollah identified numerous CIA operatives … Continue reading The CIA’s Long List of Failures

Don’s Misreading Mitt Romney

It isn't often that I disagree with Don Surber but this take on Mitt Romney is less that what it seems. While Romney is running for the Senate in a Republican state, he is more popular than Trump so he really does not need to kiss up. But he is one Never Trumper giving the … Continue reading Don’s Misreading Mitt Romney