Don’s Misreading Mitt Romney

It isn’t often that I disagree with Don Surber but this take on Mitt Romney is less that what it seems.

While Romney is running for the Senate in a Republican state, he is more popular than Trump so he really does not need to kiss up.

But he is one Never Trumper giving the president his due.

“Romney, who harshly criticized Trump over the years, said he supports much of what the president has done such as cutting taxes, rolling back business regulations and reducing the size of Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments in southern Utah,” the newspaper reported.

I have to disagree, he in fact IS making it a point to kiss up to Trump and making sure everyone sees it.

This serves several purposes.

First of all while it is unlikely, even in the year of a blue wave that Mitt’s Democrat opponent would get enough traction to win, Anything resembling a close race in Utah, a state where he beat Barack Obama by 48 points in 2012, would be a real embarrassment. What would it say about the credibility or popularity of most prominent Mormon in the United States if his margin of victory in the state is under 10 points?

Second Romney understands that if (most likely when) elected he will be the most prominent nevertrumper in the US Senate. He understands that this is the same dynamic as the 2012 GOP primaries where he will become the default goto GOP member for the entire MSM. He will of course have to be able to defend GOP priorities, Tax Cuts, Regulatory Cuts et all, but even so he knows that as long as he is willing to hit the president he will always have the seat of honor at the MSM table and will unlike Ted Cruz, unlikely to be shadowbanned on social media.

Finally lets not forget Mitt still considers himself the smartest man in the room and when it comes time for 2020 there is the prospect that he will decide to carry the Nevertrump banner himself, promising all the economic benefits with none of the drama and betting that he can beat Trump in Iowa where Ted Cruz won and in NH where he still has strength. He’ll have a year of positive press coverage behind him and unending series accolades from establishment GOP members hungry for the power that they consider their birthright. But he can’t promise the Trump economy without the Trump in 2020 if he isn’t backing the policies that made it in 2018.

Now to you and me all of this might sound ridiculous. Not only is Romney unlikely to draw the “deplorable” vote in the general election necessary to win Michigan, Pennsylvania or Wisconsin (which is why the MSM will be happy to back him in the primaries) but he certainly not going to be able to counter whoever the Democrats put up against him but that’s not the message of the political consultant class dying to get a piece of their lucrative pie once again.

You can bet those fellows have been telling him that he is the voice of reason in a sea of nasty tweets. The person of character for a #metoo era that rejects a thrice married lech who cheats on his wife with porn starts. He is the man who is going to save the GOP from Trump and all he stand for, and they will be proud guide him to that destiny…for their usual fee of course.

Maybe Mitt is old and wise enough to eventually figure out the con before he embarrasses himself come 2020 but until them it costs him nothing to play nice now and keep his options open.