#pointandlaugh of the Day NY Finally finds an Abortion it objects to

It's Irony overload time The #pointandlaugh of the day. or #rephrased the only type of #abortion that the pols in NYC object to https://t.co/APSPH7ZRlW— Peter Ingemi (@DaTechGuyblog) March 2, 2019 You see most abortions put money in Democrat pols pockets but Amazon's abortion take it away.

Election 2020 Sit back and Watch…for now

As we look at the ever expanding field of Democrats there is a temptation of looking at is a a Turkey shoot. Candidate after candidate marches forward with their own brand of insanity and the effort to push and even more radical agenda than the last to satisfy a Democrat base that has become increasingly … Continue reading Election 2020 Sit back and Watch…for now