New Mexico Gun Battle Only Metaphorical For Now

New Mexico counties and municipalities that are Second Amendment Sanctuaries in defiance of new state law.

Keep an eye on the long game 

by baldilocks

Because the majority of the American side of my family lives in New Mexico, I have been keeping a close eye on the state legislature’s gun-grab and the statewide push-back, led by the county sheriffs.

From Reason Magazine:

New Mexico is the battleground for the latest confrontation between politicians determined to impose legal restrictions on the right to acquire and own the means of self-defense and people unwilling to obey such laws. The state’s governor is publicly feuding with county-level officials who, responding to grassroots anger at the proposed gun measures, vow noncompliance if they become law.

The evidence from similar spats in other states suggests that government officials are once again poised to have their impotence demonstrated by people eager to disobey dictates from above.

Mandatory background checks for most gun transfers, court-ordered seizures of firearms, and the denial of self-defense rights to those convicted of domestic violence offenses feature in the bills moving through the state legislature. The measure requiring background checks for all gun transfers, except between close family members and cops, seems to have excited the greatest opposition.

“The gun-related measures have drawn opposition from all but a few of the state’s 33 county sheriffs,” the Albuquerque Journal notes. “In addition, at least 24 counties have passed ‘Second Amendment sanctuary’ ordinances in opposition to the legislation pending at the Roundhouse.” The Quay County resolution, as an example, dedicated county officials “to support decisions by our Sheriff to not enforce any unconstitutional firearms law against any citizen.”

In response, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, a Democrat, slapped back at what she called “rogue sheriffs throwing a childish pity party.” That’s probably not the sort of language likely to win over the rebellious, largely rural residents to whom county officials are catering.

The liberals outnumber the conservatives in my family, but I’m sure that most, if not all, are gun owners. It’s the New Mexico way and I would guess that there are more guns per capita in NM than in Texas, its more famously gun-friendly neighbor. Indeed, many of the sheriffs in revolt are Democrats in Democrat counties.

One wonders, however, what NM voters expected to happen when they elected a Democrat governor along with a Democrat majority in the state legislature.

What I suspect: the NM Democrat politicians knew that there would be nearly universal push-back and noncompliance; they just wanted to have the law on the books. The next law to come? Registration. What they have planned next is open to speculation.

Here’s mine:

New Mexico’s government is merely providing a legal foundation for the future when they the older citizenry will be dead and the younger weaker and, therefore, more willing to comply. Add open borders to this mix with all of its attendant effects and what do you have?

A state of chaos — just like my state (CA). Perhaps worse.

New Mexicans, you need to plan as far ahead as these people have.

(Thanks to New Mexico Shooting Sports Association)

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