How Many Other “Beto” Stories about Democrats Are Reuters & Co Sitting On?

With the revelation that Reuters has not only been sitting on the
Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke hacker story for two year but made it a point to agree not to release it until after election 2018 it’s worth making the obvious point.

It is highly likely that there are dozens if not more such stories out there about each of the Democrat candidates in the race. In fact given that the Media cropped out Farrakhan from pictures at the Aretha Franklin funeral and sat on the Obama Farrakhan photo for over a dozen years (not to mention the still unseen Khalidi tape it would be insane to think anything else.

At least with a conservative you know what you are getting. The slightest hint of a scandal involving a conservative is not only immediately put out there at once, but as we can see from the Trump Dossier, if there isn’t a scandal the powers that be will be manufacture one.

Why anyone would trust the media is beyond me.