Tanks and Independence

by baldilocks A sampling of the headlines concerning this year’s DC celebration of a certain upcoming anniversary. Trump’s plan to take over Fourth of July celebration opposed by D.C. mayor Washington Post Trump says tanks will be part of his July Fourth celebration Minnesota Star Tribune Tanks arrive in D.C. for Trump's Fourth of July … Continue reading Tanks and Independence

Kamala and the San Francisco machine

If people really want Kamala Harris to become president, it’s important to look at her political pedigree. Harris comes from one of the most corrupt political machines in the country: San Francisco. She was groomed by boyfriend Willie Brown, the longtime speaker of the California State Assembly and former mayor of San Francisco. She was … Continue reading Kamala and the San Francisco machine

My Andy NGO/ANTIFA/MSM thoughts Under the Fedora

Having spent last week enjoying Pintastic NE 2019 (with the closing post tomorrow) and rejoicing at the departure of Planned Parenthood from Fitchburg I've not had time to touch the Andy NGO story out of Portland till now. My 1st thought on hearing about the beating he took was "That could have been me." There … Continue reading My Andy NGO/ANTIFA/MSM thoughts Under the Fedora