Of course the Left is Scared of Unplanned they’ve lost the debate.

Months ago I called the movie Unplanned the China Syndrome of abortion with the exception that instead of a completely made up story, it was a story based on actual facts and events.

Imagine for a moment that when the China Syndrome came out if the Nuclear Industry and their political foes did all they could to suppress it even to the point of death threats to theater owners if they show the film.

That’s where the left is today, but I submit this is where it always was, it simply wasn’t powerful enough to openly show it, after all if you spend your time defending the slaughter to children, how hard it is to go from there to threatening movie theater owners?

Yes the message here is fear and intimidation, the same message of ANTIFA but there is a second message here, fear!

When the left put out film after film with propaganda against the right, or the army, we didn’t try to suppress it, we pointed at them and laughed, and time and time again they have fallen. The last ten years are full of woke films that didn’t make it because we knew their argument was nothing, oh some cleaned up at award time but never made it at the box office.

The left knows this film will change minds, in fact I would be surprised if some threat makers are afraid that it could change their own and remember leftism is a religion that takes a dim view of heresy (No wonder they get along so well with Radical Islam)!

The left knows this film will change hearts and minds so it must be suppressed, and stopped and violently this reflects a simple fact.

The left believes it has lost the debate, and as it can’t win the debate it will have to win by force and they will use force until they are stopped, either by the institutions such as law and government or by people.

Let’s hope it’s the former because if it’s the latter, it will get very messy.

Oh and don’t forget to pray for them if you’re any type of Christian, that’s in the job description.