Fighting for the Serf Turf

Figurine of Russian Serfs

by baldilocks

From a 2018 op-ed by Clarence Mckee:

A caravan of an estimated 1,500 future illegal aliens from Central America is marching across Mexico on its way to sanctuary cities in the United States.

You can bet that [now former] Gov. Jerry Brown, D-Calif., the two Democratic U.S. senators from California — Diane Feinstein and Kamala Harris — Libby Schaaf, the Democratic mayor of Oakland, Democratic Party leaders in the Congress and progressives throughout the nation will welcome them with open arms.

Included in this illegal alien cheering squad is the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). It’s just shown that it has forsaken its original black constituency and become a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democratic party and its open borders lobby, which welcomes the illegal immigrant invasion.

The NAACP has filed a lawsuit against the federal government over its decision to include a question on citizenship in the 2020 Census form. It argues that the addition of a citizenship status question will lead to an undercount of minority and immigrant communities, and that it will misrepresent true U.S. population. (…)

As NAACP President Derrick Johnson said at a National Press Club press conference in Washington, D.C., “We know … that the under-counted African-American Latino community has been a persistent problem across the country.”

Wait a minute.

Since when has the mandate of the NAACP been expanded to represent the Latinos?

Isn’t that what Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organizations are charged with doing?

When was the last time any Hispanic advocacy group, or for that matter, any liberal white group — or even the NAACP — demanded intervention from the Department of Justice (DOJ) to address the ongoing slaughter of black youths in Chicago, South Florida, Baltimore, and other cities?

That the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has thrown in its lot with illegal alien and open borders advocacy and, therefore, groups which promote both is not surprising in the least. In this, the NAACP’s moniker is fortuitous: they don’t even have to change the organization’s name as they betray the org’s original stated constituency: Americans who are black.

It’s all so sordid, though. I’d be embarrassed to see entities fighting for protection from these groups, if I were the sort to be embarrassed at the unintentional self-debasement of others. But I’m not that empathetic.

Remember what these racial advocacy groups claim to be fighting for: to be the designated protectors of not-white people and their interests. And remember what they are truly fighting for.


Don’t forget that chaos is the means to that end; political, social, racial, cultural and economic chaos, to be specific. And now that chaos has been sufficiently seeded into American communities that are, primarily, black, it’s time for these groups to turn their collective attention to “Hispanics.”

(Side note: I don’t feel like looking to see what the latest politically correct term is for persons who are partial descendants of Spanish conquistadors.)

Those who run the NAACP couldn’t care less that illegal aliens hurt the economics of mostly working-class black Americans. The former and their predecessors have always cared about one thing: being on the “right side of history,” which means having the correct Organized Left-approved opinions. This makes laughable the notion of the NAACP taking effective action with respect to black people killing each other.

The NAACP must push open borders; it’s the only way the org will keep getting funded.

There is no shame to their game. And as a long-time advocate of shamelessness, I have to grudgingly admire that.

They don’t care what you or I think.

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