I’m Staying on the Battlefield

by baldilocks Roger L. Simon: I left Los Angeles for Nashville slightly over a year ago. When I call friends back in my former home (for 50 years), most of them tell me I got out just in time. Actually, they're wrong. I should have gotten out ten or even fifteen years before. The handwriting … Continue reading I’m Staying on the Battlefield

The flight from hell

It took more time this week to fly from my home in Philadelphia to Sioux Falls, South Dakota than it takes me to go from the East Coast to China, including some of the rudest and unhelpful airline personnel on American Airlines I’ve ever met. As I arrived at the airport last Thursday, I got … Continue reading The flight from hell

#Normalphobia Running Amok in the Democrat party

I've been trying to come up with a word other than "crazy" or "insane" to describe what has happened to the Democrat party that I once belonged to back in the days when working class Catholics who actually believed in their faith were welcome and after due deliberation I think I've come up with the … Continue reading #Normalphobia Running Amok in the Democrat party