#Normalphobia Running Amok in the Democrat party

I’ve been trying to come up with a word other than “crazy” or “insane” to describe what has happened to the Democrat party that I once belonged to back in the days when working class Catholics who actually believed in their faith were welcome and after due deliberation I think I’ve come up with the answer.


No other description better fits how the Democrat party and their activists behave.

Think of what they attack:

The overwhelming majority of people are heterosexual and like being heterosexual and intend to stay heterosexual.

Such a declaration “triggers’ liberals


The overwhelming majority of people have throughout history known that men are the ones with the penis and women the ones with the vagina, women can have children, men can not.

To state such a thing “triggers” liberals.


Continuing that thought the overwhelming majority of people have known from the dawn of time that men are physically stronger than women and are so by biological design so that even if you cut off a man’s penis and fill him full of hormones, if you have a sports competition between a such a man which liberals call a “transwoman” and an actual woman, said “transwoman” has a distinct advantage.

Liberals insist such a statement of fact is beyond the pale


the overwhelming majority of Americans throughout history have understand America was founded on the basis of Judeo-Christian values. These values have survived the test of centuries and have been a basis for our society since day one.

Liberals are angered by these values


The overwhelming majority of Americans understand America was founded as a capitalist system whereby people had the opportunity to go as far as they could take themselves without the government hindering them and without expecting the help of said government. This system has not only taken more people out of poverty than any other in history but is a major reason why so many people come here.

Liberals want to abolish it.


The overwhelming majority of Americans (even during our civil war) have loved our unique flag. This flag is unique in design in the sense that as states entered the number and arrangement of stars on said flag changed. The original flag with 13 starts in a circle has been honored for the entire life of the country, even by those who rebelled against it. It even flew at the inaugural of Barack Obama.

Liberal today say it’s racist.


People have known throughout history that some people for whatever reason have an attraction to the same sex, women who have such an attraction are called “lesbians” People, even those who disapprove of this preference understand that these lesbians prefer the sexual company of other women. but liberal say that if a man declares himself a woman and a lesbian that any lesbian who reject them is a bigot.


The vast majority of Americans throughout history have revered the freedom of speech guaranteed by the 1st amendment. They have understood that the freedom to speak and think for oneself is one of the most vital freedoms that there is. They have also understood that it’s perfectly normal for different people to think different things and any person regardless of race, color, creed, sexual preference or national origin has the right to any opinion they wish, even if others disagree with it.

Liberals not only think speech they disagree with should be restricted but that people of particular races, sexes or sexual preferences MUST think a particular way otherwise they betray the race, sex or sexual preference that they are part of.


The vast majority of Americas throughout history have celebrated and revered the religious freedom granted by the 1st amendment. In fact many of those who crossed the ocean to come here did so to be free to worship God as they saw fit. It is a founding principle of the nation and people still come here to escape religious persecution from all over the world. Americans understand that to force a person to act against their religious belief violates the very essence of American liberty.

Liberals believe that religious people must be compelled by the state to follow liberal orthodoxy.


The vast majority of Americans understand that there are groups of people in this country who have lifestyles, beliefs, attitudes choices and/or opinions that are vastly different than their own and that they would not hold themselves. Some of these said majority disapprove of. The vast majority of Americans have no problem with such people living the lives privately if they wish and many are even willing to accommodate such folks lifestyles in public society.

Liberals demand that people approve of these lifestyles and that anyone who does not is a bigot.


I could fill this post with many more examples but I’ll close with just one more:

The vast majority of Americans understand that America is not perfect, never has been and never will be, but that because of the systems of checks and balances in place, the freedoms religious, economic and social granted makes America the finest country in the world which is why so many people do all they can to come here and become Americans.

Liberals think America was and always has been racist, sexist, bigoted and if you think otherwise about America or its history you are a racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobe who should be shunned in public.

This is the height of liberal normalphobia and it’s my belief that we should call out those who act this way or make these demands for the normalphobes they are!

Update: the worst part about Normalphobia? Exposure to folks suffering from Normalphoboa tends to spread the disease to others, particularly if you are a democrat running for office.

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