I’m Old enough to Remember when Conventional Wisdom said…

I’m old enough to remember when the President stating that there was corruption in Puerto Rico the idea that corruption in Puerto Rico was messing with aid funds was a racist fantasy:

the matter has exploded, with hundreds of thousands of Puerto Rico’s beleaguered people protesting in the streets to demand that their corrupt leaders just get the heck out.
The commonwealth’s governor, Ricardo Rosselló, who recently got caught for his remarks on a local bulletin board disparaging Puerto Rico’s hurricane victims, is being called on to resign.

I’m old enough to remember when the Democrat “fight for 15” was embraced by folks like Bernie Sanders as a solution to workers worries that employers should embrace despite the costs:

Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders announced this weekend he will cut staffers’ hours so that they can effectively be paid a $15-an-hour minimum wage, prompting mockery from critics who say the move is more evidence that Sanders’ plan to raise the national minimum wage is hypocritical and would only lead to less work and more unemployment.

I’m old enough to remember when the the media was convinced that the SNDY was going to use a cooperative Cohen to take down Donald Trump:

“The Government now represents that it has concluded the aspects of its investigation that justified the continued sealing of the portions of the Materials relating to Cohen’s campaign finance violations,” Pauley wrote.
The judge, an appointee of President Bill Clinton, made the disclosure in a ruling on a related matter dealing with the release of sealed information contained in 
already-public search warrants tied to the Cohen case. Pauley rejected the government’s request to keep some of the search warrant materials in the Cohen case sealed and instead ordered it publicly released by 11 a.m. Thursday.
Pauley also said the government must publicly release a status report it filed earlier this week under seal that acknowledges the end of the wider Trump Organization campaign finance probe.

I’m old enough to remember when Brown vs Board of Education and the end of the whole concept of “Separate but Equal” replaced by integration was a triumph of civil rights in schools and universities:

A public university in Las Vegas provides eight specialized housing halls, specifically tailoring them to fit the needs of students with numerous backgrounds or lifestyles, including nutritious students, study-intensive students and LGBT students. One floor is intended for black students.
The University of Nevada, Las Vegas’s various specialized residence centers have been around for a number of years. The housing options are reportedly popular among students.

Cripes I’m so old that I remember when it was a given that a person went to college to actually learn

Study Intensive Hall is for students who are truly at college to learn.
“Although study-intensive floors remain lively and fun places to live, residents who select these floors generally place a greater focus on their academics,” according to the university 

Never forget conventional wisdom is always exactly right, up until the point when it’s not.