Obama created racists? the Unwoke FBI Descriptions, Guns and Garlic, Sir Humphrey on the bright side of the UN and MSM conversion thready Under the Fedora

Joe Lockheart is publicly claiming that every single person who supports Donald Trump is a racist and should just come out and declare themselves such. Given the number of Trump voters who pulled the lever for Barack Obama either twice or at least once I have a question for him.

If we take your assertion at face value then somehow in a mere eight years fine open minded American were somehow converted into irredeemable bigots must we not assume and declare that the #1 cause of Bigotry in the United States was the failed Presidency of Barack Obama?

Perhaps we should call Barack Obama the “bigotmaker”

The NY Post reports that there is a $10,000 reward for the info to help catch. The “Pink Lady Bandit” who has been robbing banks in the mid Atlantic states. I’m rather shocked that they have not been condemned by colleges around the nation for presuming to gender this person without their consent, not to mention using classical stereotypes to describe said suspect.

I’m old enough to remember when that line would be an obvious joke.

There was a shooting at a Garlic Festival in California by a self described “very angry” man. Police are looking for a 2nd shooter as well.

PJ Media notes the irony of this taking place in a state with some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country but something else from the story jumped out at me immediately.

The suspects used “some sort of tool” to cut through the perimeter fence to gain access to the festival, Smithee said. 

I’ve been to a lot of Garlic festivals I’ve never heard of one with a perimeter fence to keep people out, then again all the festivals I’ve been to have been run by Sicilians.

At the New Neo we see that the UN continues to go over the rails when it comes to Israel,

I used to get mad a this until I realized that Sir Humphrey Appleby was right when he said: “The UN is the accepted forum for expressing international hatred. ” By this insanity dozens of Arab and Muslim countries are able to sate their vast antisemitic population desire to punish Israel without revealing just how powerless and impotent they are.

After all an actual fight with Israel generally leads to a humiliating defeat or taking serious action to aid the terrorists who are trying to kill Jews and risking the rather effective retaliation that the Mossad is famous for. It’s all about saying a lot without doing anything of substance. No wonder the Squad’s opinions gel so well with it.

As you might know there is a big movement both nationally and international to ban therapy aimed at steering homosexual people toward heterosexuality. My gut & my experience without any clinical knowledge , suggests to me that the inclination to this (or any sin) is genetic and one might be better served in acknowledging the inclination but resisting the sin, but it seems odd to me that folks who cry “choice” are so anxious to remove this one from people who want it.

I don’t see why the MSM & gay community is so upset by this since they’ve been practicing their own version of gay removal therapy that they’ve practiced for nearly two decades. All you have to be is a gay catholic priest, who is accused of inappropriate behavior with a boy, and “presto” in every single news report or tweet the “gay” just goes away!

Finally there is a study out there that says that 28% of delivery drivers eat or nibble at the the food you’ve ordered. My solution to this. Stick with plain pizza for delivery. It’s almost impossible for a delivery guy to take a bit of a plain pie without it being really obvious.

And of course you can always cook for yourself.