The truth about hate crimes

Hate crimes have been rampant under President Trump, amounting to a horrendous rate of 0.005 percent of the incidents tracked by the FBI. That’s right. Despite the narrative that this administration has ushered in a climate of hate, the number of crimes is almost statistically insignificant. Although every hate crime is abhorrent, I think it’s … Continue reading The truth about hate crimes

The other opioid crisis

After many years of back and knee pain, I got a prescription for hydrocodone, the stepson of oxycodone, from my doctor. I rarely use the pills—about once or twice a month—but the government overreaction to the opioid crisis has left me and others feeling like crack addicts. I used to get 30 pills every six … Continue reading The other opioid crisis

Trump’s immigration plan is working

In their continuing policy of ignoring good news about the Trump administration, the mainstream media failed to note the significant decrease in the number of illegals crossing the Mexican border. The Border Patrol arrested about 72,000 people who tried to sneak across in July — a reduction of almost half compared with the peak of … Continue reading Trump’s immigration plan is working

This just in: Trump is right on China

A trifecta of anti-Trump organizations—DaTimes, DaPost, and the Council on Foreign Relations—has endorsed the president’s policy on China. As I have noted in the past, China has used government support illegally to dump cheap exports to the United States. Moreover, President Xi has claimed the South China Sea, one of the richest waterways in the … Continue reading This just in: Trump is right on China

DaTimes and revisionist history

Having failed to take down Donald Trump with the Mueller investigation, the American media have turned to race as a way to discredit the president. DaTimes launched the first assault with its project about slavery and race. In case you missed it, DaTimes has determined that the nation started in 1619, the title of its … Continue reading DaTimes and revisionist history

The miracle on the plains

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is something of an economic and social miracle that has most people scratching their heads. Since 1990, the population has grown nearly 70 percent to more than 250,000. The city doesn’t have a major university while the state capital of Pierre (pronounced PEER for those from out of the state) is … Continue reading The miracle on the plains

The flight from hell

It took more time this week to fly from my home in Philadelphia to Sioux Falls, South Dakota than it takes me to go from the East Coast to China, including some of the rudest and unhelpful airline personnel on American Airlines I’ve ever met. As I arrived at the airport last Thursday, I got … Continue reading The flight from hell

You don’t need to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows

If you paid any attention to Tropical Storm Barry, you had to be ready for Armageddon. NBC’s Al Roker provided some unsolicited advice to the people of New Orleans: If he lived there, he would “make plans now” to evacuate. That was precisely the opposite advice provided by New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell or Gov. … Continue reading You don’t need to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows

Antifa and the media

It would seem that Andy Ngo has the proper credentials for the mainstream media to support him. He’s a journalist and the gay son of Vietnamese immigrants. Unfortunately, he’s also conservative. That means that the mainstream press either ignored him or made jokes about him when he was seriously injured by Antifa thugs in Portland, … Continue reading Antifa and the media

Kamala and the San Francisco machine

If people really want Kamala Harris to become president, it’s important to look at her political pedigree. Harris comes from one of the most corrupt political machines in the country: San Francisco. She was groomed by boyfriend Willie Brown, the longtime speaker of the California State Assembly and former mayor of San Francisco. She was … Continue reading Kamala and the San Francisco machine

The wonkette for president?

It’s not often that I find that I agree with, a mostly leftist online magazine. But I recently reread a piece that argues that American voters don’t want a wonk for president, but journalists do. “Much political commentary and public debate seem to assume that the president is all powerful. But while the president … Continue reading The wonkette for president?

The motley crew of Democrats

A recent headline in The New York Times Magazine read: “23 Democrats Are Running for President. Do Any of Them Know What They’re Doing?” The article includes some nuggets—as does other political reporting from the mainstream media that demonstrate the dirty double dozen really don't know what they're doing. According to DaTimes, Amy Klobuchar likes … Continue reading The motley crew of Democrats

Hubris and impeachment

Jumping on the impeachment bandwagon, The New York Times has allowed a 20-something editorial assistant to argue for the House to present a bill of particulars against President Trump. In one of the worst journalistic offenses in recent months, DaTimes allowed Ian Prasad Philbrick to create the news organization’s own articles of impeachment based on those … Continue reading Hubris and impeachment

On board the Democrat train wreck

For some unimaginable reason the Democrats have decided that they can get my vote, bombarding me with insider polls, fundraising requests, and information about a variety of campaigns. I get emails from Team Joe that provide an insight into the fallacious attacks against President Trump. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of energy in … Continue reading On board the Democrat train wreck

Joe Biden’s corrupt hometown

Joe Biden likes to talk about his roots in Scranton, Pennsylvania. What he doesn’t talk about is how Scranton is one of the most politically corrupt cities in the country today and has been so for years. After federal officials recently convicted more than two dozen local officials from Scranton area, The Philadelphia Inquirer called … Continue reading Joe Biden’s corrupt hometown