Don’t Let It End

I rather miss regularly blogging, regular as in daily or near-daily rather than my current once a week, if that much, pace. Having long ago abandoned all delusions of blogging stardom in favor of hoping my modest little scribbles might prove of value to others, I find myself more often than not stymied by all … Continue reading Don’t Let It End

Some Life Advice For The Modern Age

I try to make these weekly blog posts something worth reading. Not that I am any great fountainhead of wisdom, believe me. However, I have picked up at least a few pearls during my multitude of orbits around the sun, and it is my blessed holy obligation to share with my fellow man what has … Continue reading Some Life Advice For The Modern Age

How To Be A Successful Blogger

While looking for something else, I ran across a post from my old NASCAR blog (sigh ... miss those days) that despite a few outdated pop culture references, updated for this post, still rang true. So, without further ado I bring to you advice from some thirteen years ago I only wish I would have … Continue reading How To Be A Successful Blogger

Sound and Darkness

Camel the band (as opposed to the animal and the cigarette) were for several years during the 1970s on the periphery of progressive rock. Much like their fellow countrymen Gentle Giant, while the band enjoyed a certain level of success, it was never the stuff of chart-topping records and sold out arenas. Whereas Gentle Giant … Continue reading Sound and Darkness

Association > Definition

This post isn’t really about politics, but I need to use a couple of illustrations from the political world in order to flesh out today’s topic, so please bear with. Back in the dawn of antiquity known as 2009, shortly after Barack Obama assumed his duties as President the annual CPAC convention took place in … Continue reading Association > Definition

A Handy Primer For The Partner Impaired

I spend a lot of time on social media being, well, social. Occasionally I wax political on Twitter, but for the most past I prefer keeping it on the human touch side of things. Part of my interaction consists of not interacting, knowing when one is best advised to sit it out. A good time … Continue reading A Handy Primer For The Partner Impaired

What’s On My Mind

You got me goin' ... We live in a fundamentally gutless society; one in which bullies, be they in person or merely in cyberspace, are quite used to getting their way as others crumble underneath the veneer of maintaining civility. As previously noted, the Bard’s words have de-evolved into “cry outrage! and let slip the … Continue reading What’s On My Mind

Mercy Lives Here

Life has been rugged lately; don’t be shocked if I have to resort to a GoFundMe campaign soon to cover the bills. There’s been a not inconsiderable amount of screaming at the sky, yelling at God to kindly show Himself if in fact He’s there at all. You could accurately say my faith has been … Continue reading Mercy Lives Here

Gold Frankincense and Myrrh’s “Oh The Horror” is anything but

I’ve written before about Gold Frankincense and Myrrh, the very hard rocking trio of sisters who make the Sunshine State sizzle with searing hot muscular metal and lyrics that tackle real life issues head on, guided by hearts and minds dedicated to serving Christ. They have a new six-song EP out titled Oh, The Horror, … Continue reading Gold Frankincense and Myrrh’s “Oh The Horror” is anything but

Of Ecclesiastes And Weezer

A fundamental of Scripture is there’s something somewhere in it guaranteed to make anyone and everyone squirm uncomfortably. A prime example of this is Ecclesiastes, a book soundly ignored by feel good faith fans for its dour, bleak overview of life as something of a cruel cosmic joke in which very little, save finding contentment … Continue reading Of Ecclesiastes And Weezer

What’s Wrong With Retail (Part Three)

There are very, very, very few retailers these days above the mom and pop level, be they brick and mortar or online (or combination thereof) that do not feature, be it via shiny brochures at the cash registers or blazing advertisements on their website, some form of branded credit card. Said credit cards invariably offer … Continue reading What’s Wrong With Retail (Part Three)