Heathens aplenty right here by baldilocks I'm having one of those moments again. So I'll do what I always do: point you to something interesting. Man tries to save the souls of carcass-worshipers. https://thelibertarianrepublic.com/left-wing-activists-call-black-man-a-white-supremacist/ "In a recent Facebook post, musician and investigative writer Daryl Davis described how he’s been treated by others and members of … Continue reading Missionary

Social Security death benefit is cheap but actually wasteful

It's forgivable that Ben Franklin didn't include governmental bureaucracies with death and taxes as being the only certainties of life. After all, he died 143 years before that other Franklin – Roosevelt – laid the groundwork for the America's administrative state. This revelation came to me in early October, five days after my wife passed … Continue reading Social Security death benefit is cheap but actually wasteful

Death of the NSA

by baldilocks The NSA got the Coconut Treatment. From Business Insider: The National Security Agency, the US's largest and most secretive intelligence agency, has been deeply infiltrated by anonymous hackers, as detailed in a New York Times exposé published Sunday. The NSA, which compiles massive troves of data on US citizens and organizes cyberoffensives against the US's … Continue reading Death of the NSA

Donna Brazile Makes you go Hmmmmm #1 F*** Bernie Give me Biden!

Timon: Let me get this straight. You know her. She knows you. But she wants to eat him. And everybody's okay with this? The Lion King 1994 Over at Yid with Lid old friend Jeff Dunetz writes about an interesting bit from Donna Brazile's book: According to Philip Rucker of the Washington Post who obtained an … Continue reading Donna Brazile Makes you go Hmmmmm #1 F*** Bernie Give me Biden!

Opinion Puppeteering — Also, I Told You So

by baldilocks So, a couple of very popular pro-Trump Twitter accounts have turned out to be Russia bots. Jenna Abrams was a popular figure in right-wing social media circles. Boasting nearly 70,000 followers, Abrams was featured in numerous news articles during the 2016 election, spotlighted by outlets as varied as USA Today, the Washington Post, the … Continue reading Opinion Puppeteering — Also, I Told You So

Nada for Thee – Empanada for Me!

Maybe he was bored. Presiding over the mass starvation of your country's people isn't a cakewalk, after all. Venezuela's Joe Stalin lookalike dictator has been criticized for becoming a fat bastard while the people in his country wait for hours in line to get bread, resort to picking through trash for anything edible, and die … Continue reading Nada for Thee – Empanada for Me!

After Multiple Arrests, New York Democrat Finally Drops Congressional Bid

In New York's 19th Congressional District (which I used to be a part of before a recent redrawing put me into the 18th instead), Steven Brisee was running among several other Democrats hoping to oust Republican Congressman John Faso from his seat. But Steven Brisee can't seem to stop himself from getting arrested! Steven Brisee … Continue reading After Multiple Arrests, New York Democrat Finally Drops Congressional Bid

Dirty Drawers

by baldilocks Remember the Underwear Bomber? The guy who hated his genitals infidels so much that, in 2009, he got on a plane and tried to detonate plastic explosives which were stuffed down his tighty-whities? Well, he’s still stealing oxygen and serving four life terms in federal supermax in Colorado. And he’s suing the feds … Continue reading Dirty Drawers

Illinois Math: Chicago Public Schools has fewer students but taxes go up

By John Ruberry On Friday a friend of this very blogger forwarded a Chicago Tribune Breaking News Alert to me: Chicago Public Schools enrollment drops by nearly 10,000 students. And the year before CPS enrollment slid by 11,000. There are 371,382 students taking classes in CPS schools  In 2002 there 438,589 kids running the halls, … Continue reading Illinois Math: Chicago Public Schools has fewer students but taxes go up

Oh, Shut Up, George!

The left and their #NeverTrump enablers are all giddy over former President George W. Bush's speechifying in which he attacks President Trump (without having the courage to use the man's name) and the people who support Trump's agenda of placing the well being of the United States and American citizens over the interests of our … Continue reading Oh, Shut Up, George!

Ring Ring Ring Ripoff

Be careful when you answer the phone! If you are told that a relative is injured or in some kind of other desperate situation, beware. It's commonly known as "The Grandparent Scam", because elderly people are often the victims, but it could happen to anyone who isn't sufficiently skeptical and gets caught off guard. Someone … Continue reading Ring Ring Ring Ripoff

The Anti-Seuss Deuce

"But I think that the most likely reason of all May have been that his heart was two sizes too small." Dr. Seuss How the Grinch Stole Christmas We now have a Dr. Seuss two-fer here in Massachusetts. A couple of weeks ago, a librarian in Cambridge rudely refused, without the authority to do so, … Continue reading The Anti-Seuss Deuce

Yet Another “Movement” for Violent Leftist Kooks

You may not have heard of them yet, but they want your stuff and they mean to take it from you, because raaaaacism. via FrontPage Mag Discover the Networks: Formed in May 2017 and based in New York City, the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (RAM) is a contingent of the Marxist/anarchist Antifa movement which has made many headlines this year with … Continue reading Yet Another “Movement” for Violent Leftist Kooks

About the Weather, Man

by baldilocks Consider this excerpt a preamble to a question. There's no question that Irma was and continues to be destructive. But there's also no question that it was not nearly the storm it was predicted by all the experts to be. Last week, there was talk of massive destruction across [Florida], with damage estimates … Continue reading About the Weather, Man

Patriot Prayer Rally? Poop the dogs on it! UPDATED with trigger alert

Adult discourse is a thing of the distant past. Here's a dog tale from the idiotarian minefield. A group called Patriot Prayer (about which I know absolutely nothing) announced a rally on Facebook, Free Speech Rally San Francisco Crissy Field Beach 8/26/17 2 pm Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1454498877929964 You go to the event, Freedom Rally San Francisco, … Continue reading Patriot Prayer Rally? Poop the dogs on it! UPDATED with trigger alert