Nothing New Under the Sun, and Avoiding “Game Over”

I'm rambling a bit here, but all these disjointed thoughts about some life issues seem to be drifting together. There's nothing new under the sun, says the book of Ecclesiastes. What's strange to me is old news to someone in a different place or situation. I'm thinking in particular of two women from Canada whom … Continue reading Nothing New Under the Sun, and Avoiding “Game Over”

Funding abortion: who’s pro-choice?

Abortion's legal. So is declining to put it on the public dime. That's been the uneasy truce for many years between abortion providers (and promoters) and American taxpayers. Uneasy, and shaky: even since 1976 with the Hyde Amendment, children conceived through violence have always been at risk of abortion at public expense. This week,  the U.S. … Continue reading Funding abortion: who’s pro-choice?