There’s More Than One Way to Purge

by baldilocks Has anyone considered that the Democrats may be throwing certain members and prominent supporters under the bus on purpose? I mean they had to know what kind of lives men like Al Franken led and they certainly knew about John Conyers since one of his victims was paid off by The Old Dirty … Continue reading There’s More Than One Way to Purge

Democrat Outed As “Furry” Fetishist Resigns

A Democratic Councilman in New Milford, Connecticut has been forced to resign after it became public knowledge that he is a "furry" fetishist who lists rape among the things he "tolerates" on an adult site for people who are into dressing up like cartoonish stuffed animals - often for sexual gratification. Via NewsTimes: NEW MILFORD … Continue reading Democrat Outed As “Furry” Fetishist Resigns

The Girl Can’t Help It

by baldilocks An old, clueless congresswoman speaks for the millennials now? Very appropriate. Various publications have been revving up coverage of Waters as a millennial icon after the congresswoman abruptly left a confidential meeting with FBI Director James Comey, claiming he did not have any credibility. In late January, Elle magazine published an article titled, "Congresswoman Maxine Waters Will Read You Now." The article … Continue reading The Girl Can’t Help It

Their Gang

by baldilocks Read this whole thing, just in case you were still fooling yourself about the party of the little guy. [T]he emails that really matter are the ones being slowly released by WikiLeaks from the hacked account of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta. They are last week’s scandal in a year running over with scandals, … Continue reading Their Gang

Why Tulsi Gabbard vs DNC is Bigger News than GOP vs Trump

Given all the Donald Trump news and the ratings that he brings to news networks who are used to drawing only niche audiences actually interested in how the country is governed on a daily basis. one might forgive the various networks for giving this story short shift: Democratic National Committee vice chair and Hawaii Rep. … Continue reading Why Tulsi Gabbard vs DNC is Bigger News than GOP vs Trump


by baldilocks As the opposite is so for many of us in America, citizens reared in other countries have little understanding of politics, history, and culture(s) in the USA.  I am in a special place in that my biological father is Kenyan and my siblings from the Old Country have trouble understanding the political opposition to … Continue reading Patronage