A Tale of Two War Criminals

There were two trials recently for two men who were each accused of genocidal war crimes. The men were on opposite sides of a conflict. One man was sentenced to life in prison, one man will serve no time at all and is free to live his life however he pleases. One man massacred thousands … Continue reading A Tale of Two War Criminals

Dirty Drawers

by baldilocks Remember the Underwear Bomber? The guy who hated his genitals infidels so much that, in 2009, he got on a plane and tried to detonate plastic explosives which were stuffed down his tighty-whities? Well, he’s still stealing oxygen and serving four life terms in federal supermax in Colorado. And he’s suing the feds … Continue reading Dirty Drawers


by baldilocks As a few people may have noticed, I've been going back over posts from my old blog, which I started in 2003. One of the things which has hindered me in deciding what to write about is that, often, I feel like I'm repeating myself. But a long-time fan turned that notion around … Continue reading Yardsticks

If You Love Me, Prove It: Die

by baldilocks I’m old enough to remember when, upon learning of the existence of Black Liberation Theology, Jeremiah Wright, his most famous acolyte—former President Barack Obama—and of many other blacks who carry no love for America or for white people, white persons on the Right who had actively participated in the Civil Rights Movement expressed … Continue reading If You Love Me, Prove It: Die

Has the FBI Received the Coconut Treatment?

by baldilocks Remember this? Omar Mir Seddique, also known as Omar Mateen, was an American mass murderer who killed 49 people and wounded 58 others in a mass shooting at the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, on June 12, 2016. He had been interviewed by the FBI three times and was on their radar … Continue reading Has the FBI Received the Coconut Treatment?

Media Sins of Omission, German Edition

As we've noted many times here there are two ways media bias works. The first, and most common is bias of comission where the MSM/left promotes stories or meme's to attack the right, usually as wikileaks confirmed at the direct behest of the left.  A great example of this are the attacks and ridicule of … Continue reading Media Sins of Omission, German Edition

Clowns. Jokers. You Already Know

by baldilocks While some of us gawk at the first of the October Surprises in Circus Circus 2016--aka the presidential election cycle--Immigration and Radicalization Theater continue. House Committee on the Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) wants Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Jeh Johnson to provide information about Nelash Mohamed Das, a citizen of Bangladesh and a … Continue reading Clowns. Jokers. You Already Know

Hands-Up, Don’t-Shoot–European Style

by baldilocks Daniel Greenfield again documents the terms of Europe’s willing surrender to the Dar al-Islam. The UN Commission of Experts identified 1,600 actual cases of rape in the Bosnian War that took place in the former Yugoslavia over a period of years. In Germany, 2,000 Muslim migrants sexually assaulted 1,200 women in a single … Continue reading Hands-Up, Don’t-Shoot–European Style

Decoration for the Warriors of the Battle at Fort Hood*

by baldilocks The military victims of the jihad attack at Fort Hood will finally receive their Purple Heart medals, as a result of [a] decision by Army Secretary John McHugh [which] follows a change in the medals' eligibility criteria mandated by Congress, according to the Army announcement. It also comes after a years-long battle by … Continue reading Decoration for the Warriors of the Battle at Fort Hood*

A Talk With a Refugee from the War on Women

by baldilocks In my new surroundings, I’ve had opportunity to make a new friend. Gary,* an Egyptian immigrant in his 40s, is a security guard in the area and is a Coptic Christian. When he discovered that I knew a little bit about the history of the Copts and their present-day persecution, he almost jumped … Continue reading A Talk With a Refugee from the War on Women

The #UNEXPECTEDLY Chronicles: JihadWatch and the British Legal System

The latest in our series of posts that will not surprise any person who has been paying attention. Today’s installment comes a post from Robert Spencer's Jihad's Watch on a case in England from this story in the Indian Express An Indian-origin Islamist activist facing trial on terrorism charges skipped bail and fled the country … Continue reading The #UNEXPECTEDLY Chronicles: JihadWatch and the British Legal System

Setting the Captives Free

by baldilocks By now, everyone knows that a woman was beheaded in a Moore, Oklahoma workplace by a Muslim--one who was terminated from that same workplace for proselytizing there. It also appears that this Muslim--Alton Alexander Nolen aka Ja'Keem Yisrael--was a repeat felon. None of his felonies were nearly as violent as the act he … Continue reading Setting the Captives Free

The Other Black Genocide

by baldilocks This post originally appeared at my old blog in 2010--a response to a person who called me "dumb" and implied that I was a "traitor to my race" for opposing the building of the Ground Zero Mosque. That may seem ridiculous on its face, but it points to a deeper deception: that Islam is a "black religion" … Continue reading The Other Black Genocide

Farming Fear

by baldilocks Report: ISIS eyeing Mexican border to infiltrate America and execute terrorist attacks Islamist militants tweet gruesome images of dead American soldiers and vow to blow up embassies Saudi King warns that the west jihadis' next target The weeds of fear are the favored crop of any terrorist. Two years after that bit of … Continue reading Farming Fear

Robin Williams a Newsworthy Correction

As a general rule we tend to mourn those who make us laugh more than almost anyone else because everyone loves and needs laughter and how to do pay back someone who does that for you? Robin Williams personifies that statement. As you might guess it is wall to wall coverage, the Williams story has … Continue reading Robin Williams a Newsworthy Correction