Reminder that Climate Change Activists Are Full of It (UPDATED)

by baldilocks School children went on strike in the name of climate change last week. I don’t even feel like checking to see which day it was because I know that the activists who put these kids up to skipping class don’t really care about the climate. If they did, the United States would be … Continue reading Reminder that Climate Change Activists Are Full of It (UPDATED)

Abortion: It’s a Matter of Ownership

Hell No, We Won't Repent by baldilocks My friend, Dave Perkins, gets to the heart of the matter when it comes to the attitudes of women who have had an abortion. I’ve known several women who have told me they’ve had abortions. There are two life responses I’ve observed. One is an abiding sense of … Continue reading Abortion: It’s a Matter of Ownership

How to Lose

by baldilocks If I didn’t know better, I’d say that a goodly portion of the 2020 Democratic Party candidates for president are working for Donald Trump. At the Democratic-primary debate in Houston [on Thursday], Beto O’Rourke formally killed off one of the gun-control movement’s favorite taunts: The famous “Nobody is coming for your guns, wingnut.” Asked … Continue reading How to Lose

There Will Be Math

by baldilocks Dennis Prager: Our age loves scientific equations. Here's one you weren't taught at college but which affects you as much as the law of gravity: GI - W = E Good Intentions (GI) minus Wisdom (W) leads to Evil (E) Prager uses an example that's obvious -- at least to the sane. Communism, … Continue reading There Will Be Math


Heathens aplenty right here by baldilocks I'm having one of those moments again. So I'll do what I always do: point you to something interesting. Man tries to save the souls of carcass-worshipers. "In a recent Facebook post, musician and investigative writer Daryl Davis described how he’s been treated by others and members of … Continue reading Missionary

Something to Look Forward To

by baldilocks No, Minnesota! You can't get away! Matt Vespa: For Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), she’s embroiled her whole party with an anti-Semitism fiasco that isn’t going away. It’s not her first time either. It’s pervasive. It’s repetitive. It brings forward legitimate allegations that she’s an anti-Semite. She said in 2012, that Israel is hypnotizing … Continue reading Something to Look Forward To

Personal Honor

by baldilocks One of my friends surmises that President Trump calls Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) Pocahontas because he doesn’t get the Fauxcahontas joke that spread all over the conservative Internet after it was revealed that Warren had claimed to be part Indian and used it to get a position at Harvard. (It was later discovered … Continue reading Personal Honor

There’s More Than One Way to Purge

by baldilocks Has anyone considered that the Democrats may be throwing certain members and prominent supporters under the bus on purpose? I mean they had to know what kind of lives men like Al Franken led and they certainly knew about John Conyers since one of his victims was paid off by The Old Dirty … Continue reading There’s More Than One Way to Purge

Hollywood and DC: Never Our Betters and Often Much Worse

by baldilocks Wretchard goes long on the unmasking of the two Hollywoods: In the unending exposes of financial, moral and sexual turpitude we are witnessing a similar humiliation of a ruling elite. The critical role played by prestige in upholding the current status quo was no less important for the Western elite than it was … Continue reading Hollywood and DC: Never Our Betters and Often Much Worse

Telling the Truth Isn’t For the Faint of Heart

by baldilocks … especially if you work for the government, work for a Republican, and are wearing the wrong paint job: A Department of Homeland Security official resigned Thursday after a report revealed he had made racist (sic) remarks in past radio interviews. The Rev. Jamie Johnson, director of the Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships … Continue reading Telling the Truth Isn’t For the Faint of Heart

Death of the NSA

by baldilocks The NSA got the Coconut Treatment. From Business Insider: The National Security Agency, the US's largest and most secretive intelligence agency, has been deeply infiltrated by anonymous hackers, as detailed in a New York Times exposé published Sunday. The NSA, which compiles massive troves of data on US citizens and organizes cyberoffensives against the US's … Continue reading Death of the NSA

Short Observation About the Two Hollywoods

by baldilocks With the accusation avalanche of sexual crimes/misconduct being slung about in Hollywood and in the Hollywood for Ugly People (Washington DC), we have this bit of news. Former Rep. Anthony Weiner, who reported to prison this week to begin a 21-month sentence for sexting with a 15-year-old girl, is hoping to stay in contact … Continue reading Short Observation About the Two Hollywoods

Fill the Space of Your Soul or Something Else Will (UPDATED)

by baldilocks Nature abhors a vacuum. --Aristotle Evil, runnin' through our brain, we and evil's about the same. Bad blood through our body flows, where's the love nobody knows. Evil --Earth, Wind and Fire Mark Steyn’s offerings are always worth your while, but this one is outstanding. In between [the Las Vegas, NV and Sutherland … Continue reading Fill the Space of Your Soul or Something Else Will (UPDATED)

Some of My Best Friends Are Catholic

by baldilocks Many of my Facebook friends – most of whom are conservatives -- are arguing about controversies of recent vintage and of this particular day: whether or not to continue watching the NFL, whether Christians should allow their children to take part in Halloween festivities or participate in those festivities themselves. I find it … Continue reading Some of My Best Friends Are Catholic

Wait … What?

by baldilocks Figures. In case you missed it, feminists have turned to the sad ritual of "marrying" themselves after they pursue careers, sleep around, and end up alone past the natural years of childbearing. But it turns out, they can't even stay committed to themselves. One such feminist named Sophie went through with the whole … Continue reading Wait … What?