“He Was Not Incompetent”

Jay Nordlinger's Impromptus is out today (read the whole thing) and the opening on Justice Roberts Old Yellowstain was devastating. Let me add two cents — not so much mine as those of a wise judge I know. “Incompetent,” he said. Roberts’s ruling was incompetent. “Silly, absurd, not worthy of respect. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was … Continue reading “He Was Not Incompetent”

Justice Roberts Old Yellowstain it is

Lt. Barney Greenwald: Mr Keefe I would like to ask you if you have ever heard the expression: "Old Yellowstain? Court Reporter: Would you repeat that please? Lt. Barney Greenwald: Old-Yellow-Stain Ens. Willis Keith: Yes sir I've heard it. Lt. Barney Greenwald: Was it a nickname? Ens. Willis Keith: Yes, for Captian Queeg. Lt. Barney … Continue reading Justice Roberts Old Yellowstain it is