Global Pandemic: Crazy Elections

by baldilocks It looks like our country isn’t the only one which is experiencing election insanity. From Philip Ochieng: An ideology is any systematic set of religious or political ideals. Ideally, then, every political party should be identifiable by distinct ideological thought. But, if so, what is the ideological difference between Kenya’s ruling and opposition … Continue reading Global Pandemic: Crazy Elections

Istanbul and Our Perceptions

by baldilocks I was going to write about my progress with my second novel and my two books—one about Kenya. But this happened today in Istanbul. A gun and suicide bomb attack on Istanbul's Ataturk international airport has killed at least 28 people and injured up to 60. Up to three attackers were involved, with … Continue reading Istanbul and Our Perceptions

Kenya Trip: Post Feelies

by baldilocks Ever since I’ve returned to the USA from Kenya, I’ve had people ask me how I feel. The answer is “better,” but I’ve struggled to find the words to describe what “better” means in this context. And, as you’ve probably guessed by now, struggling to find the words to describe something is unusual … Continue reading Kenya Trip: Post Feelies

Sojourn in Kenya: Home Again

by baldilocks Jiggety-Jig. I’m back in Los Angeles and with a fair amount of sleep under my belt, though I expect to take another beauty nap today. What can one say about the trip of a lifetime? First of all, that one week is far too short a time for such a visit. Oh, and … Continue reading Sojourn in Kenya: Home Again

Sojourn in Kenya: Surveying the Ancestral Lands

by baldilocks I spent two days at my father’s ancestral lands in Manyatta, Awendo--no Internet--on which his permanent house is being built. Judging from the time it takes to get back and forth from Nairobi by car, I had originally though this land was 400-500 miles away from the capital, but I’m used to interstate … Continue reading Sojourn in Kenya: Surveying the Ancestral Lands

Sojourn in Kenya: Acorn Meets Tree

by baldilocks Nairobi, Kenya 2/24/2016 12:00 AM: This post is mostly a stream of consciousness and mostly an excuse to post a few photos. The bulk of the really good photos will be posted on Saturday, for reasons specified below. I arrived here on Monday at 8:00 PM, Kenya time, and slept great that night … Continue reading Sojourn in Kenya: Acorn Meets Tree

Kenya: Not There Yet

by baldilocks The trip had to be postponed for a week while I got some necessities in order. So now I’m leaving on the 21st of February and will only stay for a week. My brother, Charles Otieno--who I have not yet met in person—has my schedule all planned. Family and more family. I’m praying … Continue reading Kenya: Not There Yet

Destination: Kenya (UPDATED)

by baldilocks UPDATE: The trip dates have been changed to 21-29 February. ORIGINAL: In less than two weeks—February 14th--I’ll be going to Kenya for the first time, courtesy of an old blog fan-friend who prefers to remain anonymous for now. As I said here, it’s a dream come true. To give you some background on … Continue reading Destination: Kenya (UPDATED)

The Blood Libeling of the Luo Tribe of Kenya

by baldilocks With scandal, after scandal, after scandal, after scandal being perpetrated by the Obama Administration—wording intentional--I thought that I would finally take the time to address an issue regarding the reaction to Obama’s acknowledged Kenyan Luo heritage—a heritage which I share. For the last six years, it seems that everything that Barack Obama has touched or … Continue reading The Blood Libeling of the Luo Tribe of Kenya


by baldilocks As the opposite is so for many of us in America, citizens reared in other countries have little understanding of politics, history, and culture(s) in the USA.  I am in a special place in that my biological father is Kenyan and my siblings from the Old Country have trouble understanding the political opposition to … Continue reading Patronage

Some Abortion News…

Unfortunately the Abortion news is almost uniformly bad: Pundit and Pundette reports that the president is pushing abortion in Kenya: Administration officials have indeed sent a clear message to Kenya. After the Kenyan Parliament approved the abortion liberalizing draft constitution, the White House released a statement lauding the parliament's decision and encouraging Kenyans to "see … Continue reading Some Abortion News…