King James’ Deplorables Moment

I'm sure the NBA was just delighted by this statement from Lebron: James, who stumped for Hillary Clinton last year on the campaign trail, sat contemplating for a few moments, before chalking up his state’s “wrong” choice to a lack of education. “I don’t think a lot of people were educated," he responded. "That’s one … Continue reading King James’ Deplorables Moment

It’s a Trump Trap and the NFL, NBA and Dems Walked Right In

Last year the NFL tried to spend an entire season pretending that the protests against the National Anthem were not hurting attendance while trying to appease players who decided they'd want to be social justice warriors of the pampered 1%. This season attendance and rating continue to drop as athletes decide to focus on protest … Continue reading It’s a Trump Trap and the NFL, NBA and Dems Walked Right In

Trump’s focus on Chicago violence a good thing

By John Ruberry This morning on Fox News Donald Trump spokesman Ben Carson said, "If we are going to make America great we cannot have large pockets of dysfunction." Carson was responding to questions about the latest mainstream media tantrum about the Republican nominee Tweeting about Friday the murder of Nykea Aldridge in a violent Chicago … Continue reading Trump’s focus on Chicago violence a good thing

The Question the NBA & the left doesn’t want to answer concerning North Carolina and the All Star Game

There has been plenty of self righteous glee by our friends on the left concerning this decision by the NBA: "Our week-long schedule of All-Star events and activities is intended to be a global celebration of basketball, our league, and the values for which we stand, and to bring together all members of the NBA … Continue reading The Question the NBA & the left doesn’t want to answer concerning North Carolina and the All Star Game

Becky Hammon meet Earl Weaver

The only thing Weaver knows about a curveball is that he couldn't hit one. Jim Palmer Some groundbreaking news from the world of sports: Becky Hammon, who is retiring this month from a 16-season playing career in the W.N.B.A., will join the San Antonio Spurs as an assistant coach next season, the N.B.A. team announced … Continue reading Becky Hammon meet Earl Weaver

Al Sharpton could have learned from Mary Ann Glendon

Rev Al Sharpton we're going after advertisers, saying, "How can you advertise with a team owned by a man with this kind of attitude. Meet the Press April 27th 2014 For the last two days we've hit the NAACP concerning the Sterling situation. His known racism wasn't enough to deny him a spot on their … Continue reading Al Sharpton could have learned from Mary Ann Glendon

Who’s Abridging What (Updated)

by baldilocks Two recent “public outrage” issues in this year’s news have demonstrated that many people—even conservatives—have the notion that no one may abridge “free speech.” The Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson-A&E controversy The Donald Sterling-NBA Controversy The only law related to free speech is in the U.S. Constitution, specifically, Article I of the Bill of … Continue reading Who’s Abridging What (Updated)

Does a new stadium/arena make sense?

By Steve Eggleston That is the question we in southeast Wisconsin are going to be starting to ask after the events of the past week. Herb Kohl, a former Democrat Senator whose family founded Kohl's Department Store, sold the NBA's Milwaukee Bucks to a pair of New York-based hedge fund managers for $550 million, with … Continue reading Does a new stadium/arena make sense?

Jason Collins’ Lucky Break

Last year when NBA player Jason Collins came out as gay I said the following. I don’t doubt for one second Jason Collins work ethic nor his skill. Very view people manage to make the NBA compared to the number who try let alone last for 13 seasons, and it can’t be easy to compete … Continue reading Jason Collins’ Lucky Break

Never Follow a Lunatic

By baldilocks Over at American Thinker, Rick Moran comments upon the latest acts of devotion in the bromance between former NBA player/infamous weirdo Dennis Rodman and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. This time, Rodman has enlisted other former NBA players to join him for an All-sort-of-Star game in a place chock full of prison … Continue reading Never Follow a Lunatic

Jason Collins clever as a fox

Jason Collins decision to come out as a gay man at the end of his 12th season in the league may be a historic move in terms of US sports but in terms of a Business move, it's VERY smart. Why? The clue comes from two stories, the first from last years Celtics Press Release … Continue reading Jason Collins clever as a fox

NBA No Brains Allowed

Let's use our brains shall we? The NBA is a multi-billion dollar industry. The latest deal the owners have offered has been 47% of that multi-billion dollar industry. That means that the players would have $470,000,000 of every billion dollars the league. They want instead 53% $530,000,000. There are 30 teams with 12-15 signed players … Continue reading NBA No Brains Allowed

Togo Palazzi at Linguini’s

After taping our Christmas show yesterday (yes it won't be live but you won't want to miss it) James and I stopped at Linguini's and had the pleasure of being introduced to Togo Palazzi late of Holy Cross, The Boston Celtics and the NBA. We spent a very pleasant hour in conversation over pizza and … Continue reading Togo Palazzi at Linguini’s

My Examiner opinion piece Romance and Reality

My latest examiner piece is one of opinion Romance and Reality is up at, a peek: Yet as the activists cheered the NBA's Lakers prepare to go to Arizona to play for the NBA west title. The injustice of the law is apparently not sufficent to risk the wrath of LA fans or the … Continue reading My Examiner opinion piece Romance and Reality