The homeless vet story we needed for Thanksgiving

There are many things to be thankful for in America. If you're reading this, you're alive... let's not forget the big things. We don't have Hillary Clinton in the White House. Stranger Things 2 was really good. Neil Gorsuch. Longmire finally released its final season. I could go on about all the blessings I've received, but … Continue reading The homeless vet story we needed for Thanksgiving

‘Hate’ and Hypocrisy

Two recent events in Philadelphia underline the hypocrisy of the attacks against Donald Trump as a racist. Only two days after the election, a local news website carried this headline: "Racist and pro-Trump graffiti appears in South Philly following election." The article in described graffiti on cars: "One of the damaged cars was a … Continue reading ‘Hate’ and Hypocrisy

Philadelphia: Democrat Corruption At A Glance

Philadelphia is becoming one of the most corrupt cities in the nation, owing mainly to Democrat control. Just before the city hosted this year’s Democrat National Convention, longtime congressman Chaka Fattah and his son were convicted of corruption. Just after the convention, a slew of Democrat officials faced a variety of state and federal investigations. … Continue reading Philadelphia: Democrat Corruption At A Glance

Budding reporters and politics

Young journalists covering the Democrat convention listened to a point of view they are unlikely to hear this week in Philadelphia—a conservative one. As a journalism professor at Temple University, I was invited to speak to a group of 25 students at the School District of Philadelphia, spending about two hours answering questions and talking … Continue reading Budding reporters and politics

Beggars on the streets of Philadelphia

When I was a small child I saw grown men begging on the streets of Columbus, OH, during the Depression. It was a sad sight, even to a little girl like me. I felt sorry for them and sorry that our country had let them down. No-one should have to beg to stay alive. Not … Continue reading Beggars on the streets of Philadelphia