Monopoly Socialism, A Surprisingly Nuanced Game of Wits

There is a lot of talk about the game Monopoly Socialism from Hasbro. Leftists are upset and folks like me are delighted that the game pokes fun at Socialism, but let's forget that for a moment as a gamer and ask the basic questions one might ask about a game, namely. Is it playable? Is … Continue reading Monopoly Socialism, A Surprisingly Nuanced Game of Wits

Giving Thanks for Capitalism and Market Basket Chicken

Mayim Bialik not withstanding there is a lot to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving for Americans and those lucky enough to come here. And one of the things we have to be thankful for is Capitalism perfectly Illustrated by of all things rotisserie chickens sold by Market Basket stores. If you go to any Market … Continue reading Giving Thanks for Capitalism and Market Basket Chicken

Nada for Thee – Empanada for Me!

Maybe he was bored. Presiding over the mass starvation of your country's people isn't a cakewalk, after all. Venezuela's Joe Stalin lookalike dictator has been criticized for becoming a fat bastard while the people in his country wait for hours in line to get bread, resort to picking through trash for anything edible, and die … Continue reading Nada for Thee – Empanada for Me!

Noisome Pestilence, Etc.

by baldilocks California regression Home, sweet, home. Wine country is burning, no doubt exacerbated because of laws against underbrush removal --the fuel of forest fires. There's a Hepatitis A outbreak, mostly among the homeless. California Gov. Brown declared a state of emergency Friday because of a hepatitis A outbreak that has killed at least 18 people in … Continue reading Noisome Pestilence, Etc.

Illinois guv candidate dropping socialist running mate over BDS support exposes Dem rift

By John Ruberry Even in Illinois this story was barely noticed, but the dropping of a socialist running mate by an Illinois gubernatorial candidate betrays a deep rift within the Democratic Party that deserves a close look. Late last month State Sen. Daniel Biss, a candidate for governor, announced Chicago alderman Carlos Ramirez-Rosa as his … Continue reading Illinois guv candidate dropping socialist running mate over BDS support exposes Dem rift

Tried and Tried Again

by baldilocks Last day filling in for Fausta. Still waiting for Former President Obama, actors Danny Glover and Sean Penn or director Oliver Stone to comment on the downfall of Venezuela. Breath not being held. Venezuela's currency, the bolivar, is disintegrating at an incredible pace under the country's political and economic crisis that has left … Continue reading Tried and Tried Again

Socialism and Distraction

by baldilocks From Reuters: Venezuelan activists are increasingly posting details of locations and lifestyles of leftist officials and their families, depicting them as thriving off corruption while the population struggles to eat in a devastating economic crisis. The social media blitzes, targeting officials and their business partners, relatives and even lovers, are another weapon in … Continue reading Socialism and Distraction

Cause and Effect Joe4Oil Edition

I had a coworker at the warehouse that I work overnight at who used to ride into work with me. He was talking about trying to get fuel assistance and commented on the fact that Citizen's Energy who used to provide him with oil in the past has not come through for the past 2 … Continue reading Cause and Effect Joe4Oil Edition

Chains of the Foolish

by baldilocks Even after seeing the process of how certain actions lead to certain results and seeing this simple reality present itself over and over again, there are still millions of people who are surprised at how far into the abyss Venezuela has fallen, with socialism acting as chauffeur. Washington Post: Venezuela has become a … Continue reading Chains of the Foolish

I Guess the Left was right that Venezuela is heaven…

...because they have no beer. It takes materials like malted barley to make beer. There’s barely any grown in the nation. And the decades of idiotic socialist policies from the Venezuelan leaders, including the late Hugo Chavez, has led the money of the nation, the bolivar, to be virtually worthless, and the nation can barely … Continue reading I Guess the Left was right that Venezuela is heaven…

Capitalist Bill Gates: Socialism Will Save Us!

By A.P. Dillon Recently Billionaire Bill Gates made some comments on Climate change and 'saving the planet'.  The comments were, shall we say, the kind of dumb we've come to expect from someone who thinks that because they are rich and famous, that their mess doesn't stink. We see this type of 'my mess doesn't stink' … Continue reading Capitalist Bill Gates: Socialism Will Save Us!

Milton Friedman and the Sahara, Caracas and water

by Fausta Rodriguez Wertz Back in the day, Milton Friedman said,“If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in five years there'd be a shortage of sand.”The U.S. federal government is not in charge of the Sahara, but the Venezuelan government is in charge of the country's water supply. Small wonder … Continue reading Milton Friedman and the Sahara, Caracas and water

The Great Indoctrination

by baldilocks The Left has been building America up for overt communism/socialism/marxism/progressivism—henceforth called leftism--for a long, long time. Most educational systems have long ceased to educate their charges properly.They have ceased to define objectively the concepts of leftism, small-l liberalism, capitalism, basic economics and, of course, history. Specifically, educational systems stopped calling leftist concepts and ideologies … Continue reading The Great Indoctrination