You Can’t Eat Debt

Col Von Luger: Flyers are gentlemen, not peasants to dig in the earth. So I am surprised. Group Captain McDonald: The English have always been keen on gardening. Col Von Luger: Oh Yes, but flowers? It this not so? McDonald: You can't eat flowers Col Von Luger: Good Point The Great Escape 1963   I … Continue reading You Can’t Eat Debt

Trump just got into China’s head

By John Ruberry Building upon Peter Ingemi's RH's spectacular Trump's China Call is a Deliberate Overreach from yesterday, it's my turn to add my two yuan into the discusssion. The media loves to dismiss Donald Trump as a showman--as if there was no showmanship with Barack Obama--but those under 45 first encountered our next president as … Continue reading Trump just got into China’s head

…and Jake Tapper Unspins Hillary Clinton

While this morning Politico was spinning Nancy Pelosi Jake Tapper decided in proper journalist fashion to unspin Hillary Clinton as members of the Obama administration can attest, Clinton was one of the leading drivers of the TPP when Secretary of State. Here are 45 instances when she approvingly invoked the trade bill about which she … Continue reading …and Jake Tapper Unspins Hillary Clinton

Politico Spins Pelosi…

Ben Franklin:  You seem a little distracted, Mr. Adams. John Adams:  I had thought that you were with us. Ben Franklin: As I am, as I am. John Adams:But not enough to come out and say so. Ben Franklin: Politics is the art of the possible.  What did you get by opposing the motion? It … Continue reading Politico Spins Pelosi…

302-126 A Victory for Bernie Sanders AND Hillary Clinton

The Defeat of trade legislation by an outsized 302-126 vote has some obvious winners and losers, the biggest loser of course being the White House that sent the president to lobby for a vote that came up 92 votes short. President Obama suffered a major defeat to his Pacific Rim free trade initiative Friday as … Continue reading 302-126 A Victory for Bernie Sanders AND Hillary Clinton

Welcome to the real world Mike Daisey

So lets get this straight. We have a communist state where the individual is subordinate to the party, where demonstrations are crushed, where Nobel peace prize winners are imprisoned, that has enslaved Tibet for half a century. And this guy is shocked that they don't give a damn about workers in their factories? Cox and … Continue reading Welcome to the real world Mike Daisey