Nada for Thee – Empanada for Me!

Maybe he was bored. Presiding over the mass starvation of your country's people isn't a cakewalk, after all. Venezuela's Joe Stalin lookalike dictator has been criticized for becoming a fat bastard while the people in his country wait for hours in line to get bread, resort to picking through trash for anything edible, and die … Continue reading Nada for Thee – Empanada for Me!

Tried and Tried Again

by baldilocks Last day filling in for Fausta. Still waiting for Former President Obama, actors Danny Glover and Sean Penn or director Oliver Stone to comment on the downfall of Venezuela. Breath not being held. Venezuela's currency, the bolivar, is disintegrating at an incredible pace under the country's political and economic crisis that has left … Continue reading Tried and Tried Again

News from our hemisphere gone AWOL

One of the more annoying things in the current preponderance of opinion pieces instead of actual reporting is the dismissal of news on our hemisphere. Rarely do you find information on, say, Brazil, the world's ninth-largest economy, unless you actually go looking for it. Each country is treated as a piece of puff pastry on … Continue reading News from our hemisphere gone AWOL

Socialism and Distraction

by baldilocks From Reuters: Venezuelan activists are increasingly posting details of locations and lifestyles of leftist officials and their families, depicting them as thriving off corruption while the population struggles to eat in a devastating economic crisis. The social media blitzes, targeting officials and their business partners, relatives and even lovers, are another weapon in … Continue reading Socialism and Distraction

Cause and Effect Joe4Oil Edition

I had a coworker at the warehouse that I work overnight at who used to ride into work with me. He was talking about trying to get fuel assistance and commented on the fact that Citizen's Energy who used to provide him with oil in the past has not come through for the past 2 … Continue reading Cause and Effect Joe4Oil Edition

Five things you should know about Venezuela

Venezuela has the largest proven oil reserves in the world, but most of it is extra-heavy crude oil. Under the rule of Hugo Chávez, oil accounted for 95% of the country's total exports. As Chávez fired 20,000 PDVSA employees and replaced the government-owned oil company's staff with chavistas while neglecting infrastructure , oil production has … Continue reading Five things you should know about Venezuela

I Guess the Left was right that Venezuela is heaven…

...because they have no beer. It takes materials like malted barley to make beer. There’s barely any grown in the nation. And the decades of idiotic socialist policies from the Venezuelan leaders, including the late Hugo Chavez, has led the money of the nation, the bolivar, to be virtually worthless, and the nation can barely … Continue reading I Guess the Left was right that Venezuela is heaven…

Venezuela: A lesson we can’t forget

Hugo Chávez, back when he was alive, seized farms from their rightful owners in the interest of his "Bolivarian revolution." He started small, A group of red shirt-wearing Chavista thugs show up at a farm and seize the farm in the name of the government, under the pretext that the 103 hectare [254 acres] farm … Continue reading Venezuela: A lesson we can’t forget

Private enterprise vs. government-owned

I love cars. What I love the most about cars is, cars represent independence: An individual with a car at their disposal is free to go anywhere they please, whenever they please, unfettered. All they need is a driver's license and a full tank of gas. You may not even have to know how to … Continue reading Private enterprise vs. government-owned

Coming up next: The Summit of the Americas circus

The tax-paying public of our hemisphere is subjected to an annual (more-or-less) circus of parading politicians, better known as the Summit of the Americas. This year marks the seventh, hosted by Panama, on April 10 and 11. This time around things don't look too rosy for lovers of civil rights, democracy, and freedom. For starters, … Continue reading Coming up next: The Summit of the Americas circus

Venezuela: Criminalizing dissent

As the Communist dictatorship in Venezuela sinks the economy into further chaos, it resorts to criminalizing dissent. The latest victim is Caracas mayor Antonio Ledezma, who yesterday was arrested and dragged out of office 'like a dog' by the police. He was arrested without a warrant, amid accusations of a coup attempt:Mr Ledezma was on … Continue reading Venezuela: Criminalizing dissent

Biometrics and the police state

by Fausta Rodriguez Wertz Venezuela, sliding further into Cuban-like totalitarian Communism, faces severe food shortages. Take a look at the lines at a food distribution center: Distributing scarcity: the daily trials to get food at regime's distribution centers. @Yusnaby @ElPoliTwico — daniel duquenal (@danielduquenal) August 20, 2014 What next? Venezuela Proposes Fingerprinting Grocery Shoppers … Continue reading Biometrics and the police state

The US’s toothless sanctions against Venezuelans

by Fausta Rodriguez Wertz The Obama administration passed a few sanctions against Venezuela this week. No, the sanctions had nothing to do with the Pollo and Venezuela's involvement in the drug trade. Instead, the sanctions are against individuals linked to the bloody repression of student protesters this year. In our days of "smart diplomacy," this … Continue reading The US’s toothless sanctions against Venezuelans

Chicken run: The curious case of Venezuela’s Pollo Carvajal

by Fausta Rodriguez Wertz Hugo Carvajal a.k.a. “el Pollo” (the Chicken) is one of the guys who took part in Hugo Chávez’s unsuccessful 1992 military coup, later rising to the rank of general and chief of military intelligence, but with a sideline of drug trade: Here’s the indictment in the U.S. District Court accusing Carvajal of coordinating … Continue reading Chicken run: The curious case of Venezuela’s Pollo Carvajal