Green Liberal California my …

Can you reconcile the left's image of California as a green progressive state that cares for the environment and the animals within it with this description of reality from VDH: If I find a dead dog dumped on the alleyway (as I have three or four times over the last 12 months), with a rope around his … Continue reading Green Liberal California my …

The Reality TV Voters Line Up for Trump

By: Pat Austin SHREVEPORT – Saturday night, my husband and I sat around a patio table having drinks and talking politics with friends. It’s not often that I’m dumbfounded into speechlessness, but there I was. One of the men in our group expressed his enthusiastic support of Donald Trump: HE: Well, what do you think … Continue reading The Reality TV Voters Line Up for Trump

VDH’s Pathei Mathos

I was going to write about the execrable Hillary Clinton (who demands that the names of her campaign reps on a press conference call should remain anonymous) but quite frankly, once I started, was revulsed by the idea. Instead, I re-read Victor Davis Hanson's heartbreaking article, Pathei Mathos: What I Relearned the Last 12 Months (I'm … Continue reading VDH’s Pathei Mathos

The Price of Woof Tickets

by baldilocks woof tickets— a slang phrase meaning a verbal threat, criticism, or insult used to intimidate an opponent. The phrase originates from woofing, meaning aimless talk, an onomatopoeic reference to the sound of dogs barking. (It’s a sad day when Wikipedia has a better definition for a black slang phrase than does the Urban … Continue reading The Price of Woof Tickets

Demoralized as Hell: Victor Davis Hanson edition

At PJ media (via Glenn) Victor Davis Hanson talks about a string of conservative defeats and sounds a warning: None of us know what November brings. We all imagine the race will be far closer than 2008. We worry that eight years of this administration will institutionalize what we saw during the first four years. … Continue reading Demoralized as Hell: Victor Davis Hanson edition

The “Why” of the left’s call for “civility”

Tim Blair and Don Surber already talked about this now Victor Davis Hanson explains the why when it comes to the left's "call for civility" In other words, the calls for a general toning down of rhetoric translate far more into a toning down of both an effective media opposition and a rising political obstruction … Continue reading The “Why” of the left’s call for “civility”

If you want to know how far left the panel is on Morning Joe

When Joe Scarborough quoted this Victor Davis Hanson piece today a panelist (Jeffrey Sachs) pooh poohed him as an "extremist" and nobody on that panel challenged him. He maintained Victor Davis Hanson is an extremist who has gotten us into a bunch of wars. Yes this writer and grape grower who pens books on military … Continue reading If you want to know how far left the panel is on Morning Joe

And there is a lot of competition out there

Victor Davis Hanson is a bit of a scholar so how bad does an article have to be for him to say this: I know it’s commonplace to read in the latest issue of Time or Newsweek that Obama is a god, that Islamophobic Americans are collectively prejudiced against Muslims, that the response after 9/11 … Continue reading And there is a lot of competition out there